Wednesday, August 29, 2007

School & Vinh's Birthday!

My oh my, where has the time gone?! :O Sorry for the lack of updates, but here goes!

HPRF 135 --- My teacher, de Luna, is a newbie teacher so he is boring. I know he's trying at least, lol. At least Vinh's with me in class, but doesn't matter since I'm still dozing off...
HPRF 100W --- My teacher, Grosvenor, is a leisure studies teacher so she's into being chill, but there are lots of writing involved [duhh, writing class]. She's very bubbly so I don't mind all the writing at all :)
HIST 155 --- My teacher, Reynolds, is as boring as heck! Holy, I wanted to sleep & I yawned every 5 minutes in class. So not good =/
PHIL 160 --- My teacher, Sonnier, is very bubbly & funny so I think I'll be just fine in this class. Philosophy teachers are always happy & fun!
KIN 69 --- My teacher, Drummond, is bubbly, but I don't find her as entertaining as my philosophy teacher sadly. Something about her I don't quite click with, but at least it should be a semi-interesting class :P

Vinh's Birthday---*
At around 3:30am, Vinh & I woke up to see the lunar eclipse. It was all red & kinda creepy to see, but also very very cool! Then Vinh went home to sleep some more as did I. We went to class together & afterwards went to Black Angus for his birthday dinner! It was our first time so they gave us a free appetizer, fried zucchini. We also ordered Idaho potato skins as another appetizer. Then came our soups & main course. I ordered a fillet mignon [delicious!] & Vinh ordered a NY steak. Afterwards we enjoyed a chocolate baked alaska [diabetes anyone?]. We felt uber fat after dinner so we went home, took a half hour nap, & then went out for a little walk before doing our homework :)

Also...I got a new job at Sugar Butter Flour as a front sales, yayy! It was an interesting first day since they don't have any hardcopies of the rules or instructions on how to do anything... Oh well, I get free dessert every night, what's there to complain? :)


  1. School, ICK!! But I'm glad you have some fun teachers, but sorry to hear that you have some not so fun teachers.

    Ooh, Black Angus, YUMMY!! They're Prime Rib is REALLY good. And sometimes when they have coupons, when you can get a dinner for two at a good price is nice, too. Aww, sounds like you and Vinh had a GREAT birthday celebration for him, and YUMMY YUMMY FOOD!! YUM. *Drools* LOL

    And your new job sounds SUPER fun. Yum, desserts every night. I wish I had that. LOL

    Aww, love ya lots, twin

  2. Wow I didn't know you were taking 5 classes. ROFL about the way boring teacher, but yay for fun bubbly ones!
    I totally slept through the lunar eclipse but I'm glad you took a pic so i could see... That pic of you and Vinh is so cute! and ya you totally made me hungry after your food talk! and I'm uber jealous of you and your free desserts!