Friday, August 10, 2007

Summer is Ending...

Wow, this summer's been amazingly fun! I'm just sad I have about 2 weeks of it left *cries* Well onto my doings the past week!
---went to meet up with Sonya at Stanford Shopping Center
---ate lunch at Olive Garden [first timer!] & got the Venetian Apricot Chicken [yummy!]

---weather has been chilly lately so Vinh & I went up to Rancho San Antonio for 1.5 hours
---we saw quails, yayy!

---went to eat at Hally K. Ono Cafe with Vinh & Conic
---saw Rush Hour 3 [midnight showing] with Vinh, Conic, Steve, Chuen, & Matt [hilarious!]


  1. awww last time I went to the olive garden I got the venetian chicken. We totally order the same things! LOL T&I girls are psycho twins I tell ya! I want chilly weather send me some! I'm really sad that the summer is over. I have less then a week left. *cries* I hope classes this semester aren't chaotic I wanna be online a ton. So when you find out your schedule you'll have to let me know so I know when I can bug you. I'll do the same for you! ;) Do you think you'll have a busy semester this year? *eyepokes you if you do*

  2. **tries to think of 100 fiddles for you to do before school starts** ROFL