Saturday, September 8, 2007

Oh the Stress...

I know I haven't posted since Vinh's birthday & getting the new job... I've just been super duper busy with school & hell-ish work -__-; So I guess we'll break it down between the two to make it easier...

School has been a lot of work compared to the last 2 years, possibly cuz it's upper GE classes & all... I really dislike my history class with a passion cuz the teacher is so gosh darn boring! I end up doodling on my notes every class. I like my philosophy & writing classes since they're pretty interesting & :) Stress management is alright, just not as fun/interesting as I'd hoped. Health multiculturalism is alright, the teacher seems to like me but he's still boring, ughh... Although I did win a $5 Starbucks gift card from an activity in class, haha. Just lots of reading & writing lately, which is totally tiring me out...

Hell-ish work at Sugar Butter Flour, gahh... I totally got a "talk" from my boss about all the mistakes I made during my first night working alone last Saturday. She was all "these mistakes better be fixed asap, you shouldn't be making these mistakes by now." But dude, I've only had like 3 days of training & I didn't learn much so it's not my fault I screwed up >:/ I'm totally gonna quit cuz it's sucha stressful place to work at with all these perfectionists, holyy... I am gonna try to get the job at the Long's Pharmacy that Helen referred me to so hopefully they'll wait a few weeks for me to quit my job at the bakery :)

There's also been lots of forest fires in California lately so the sky's been all gray & ugly. It's kinda scary really... Well that's about it really, just Annie being all busy, but thanks to all those that have been supporting me, it really helped ;)

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  1. School is crazy! Why do teachers make people read so much?! ROFL
    I didn't know you were taking a stess management class. Learned anything interesting?

    That sucks about the bakery, at first it sounded like a fun place to work but being hounded all the time by perfectionists who don't show you how to do something to begin with doesn't sound fun anymore. I totally think you should quit and work at the pharmacy! Hopefully they will hold out for you. They would be crazy not to.

    Those fires do sound scary! Especially if the sky is all gray and ugly. yikes!!!
    I do support you and love you to death! I'm positive everything will work out... we need to come up with a plan to get the boring teacher unboring. ROFL That can be tonights discussion. ;)