Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Door Knobs & Burning Cars!

I just had to share my wonderful day of stories with y'all! So when my sister Helen was leaving for school this morning, she ripped the front door knob right off, haha! She had this "OMG, What have I done?" look & it was hilarious. After my dad & sisters went off to Homestead, the house had a blackout for like a minute. I love sitting in the dark...not. *skips school portion* When I got off the bus, I saw this big cloud of smoke in the area of my house so I started freaking out thinking it was my apartment complex. As I crossed El Camino, I saw that it was a big SUV on fire & it was raging! The smoke went up so high & it was everywhere! It smelled really bad, eww.

Went to the Moon Festival in Memorial Park on Sunday with Vinh & Lonnie. Vinh & I walked around while Lonnie went to hangout with her friend. I was totally craving cotton candy & Vinh bought me some [aww my Franco moment]! Then we went to the kiddie game section & Vinh got us 2 super bats, lol. Fun stuff!

Also... All my shows are back, yayy! Desperate Housewives started off amazingly, especially since Vinh & I were laughing quite often :) House MD is not the same without sexy Chase, boo... But as long as House is there, it's all good! Top Model is the same as always, but still very entertaining.


  1. WOW what a day. It's funny about your sister ripping the knob off of the door, though. LOL But the SUV on fire. Now that's crazy stuff. I bet you were scared, since it was so close to your apartment complex.

    Aww I love the pictures. They're so...cute, twin.

    And as for House, Chase sure was HOT!! I hope they bring him back. Can you believe him and Cameron were engaged in real life? I can't believe they split...especially after they got back together on the show, too. *Sigh* Oh well, it'll always be Chase and Cameron for me.


    Busy girl!!!
    I can't believe that SUV fire how freakin scary!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wonder what in the world started the thing?
    ROFL about your sister hahahahaha I would have been laughing histerically
    and even though I don't watch House MD (eeck to the ewwwy stuff) Chase was super super hot.

    I totally need to get on and blog but I seriously haven't been home. Sorry I missed our Friday Night Chat Date. :(
    I sooo need to make it up to you guys I know!
    LOVE YOU!!!!
    I'll blog tonight ;)