Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October Ends!

Happy Halloween!
The last 2 days have been quite eventful indeed! Let's recap shall we!

OCTOBER 30---*
First off, I had a test in HPRF 135 that morning, which I think I did well on! Afterwards, went to have breakfast with Vinh at Hally K. Ono to reward ourselves for a job well done on the test. Then I persuaded Vinh to skip class to go shopping with me for BSB's new CD "Unbreakable" & the Spiderman 3 DVD! Talk about not doing any homework, haha. Around 8:04pm, we experience a 5.6 earthquake that lasted about 15-20 seconds. I wasn't too freaked by it, haha.

OCTOBER 31---*
Halloween, yayy! Found out that I got a 90.5% on my philosophy midterm which I totally wasn't ready for, lol! Then watched a video on the history of violence in the US in KIN 69 & it was kinda graphic, yet powerful... Afterwards, went home to pick-up Steve so that he can watch Spidey 3 at my house. Then Steve, Lonnie, & I wrapped ourselves in aluminum foil so that we can get a free burrito at Chipotle. We went to 2 Chipotles & I got compliments on my outfit at each one ["looking good tonight!" & "I like your shirt, where'd you get it?"] :) After the Chipotle whoring, we dropped Steve off at class & Lonnie with her friends. Then Vinh & I rushed home, ate our free burritos, & got dressed up as pirates to go trick-or-treating [yes, I went to get candy] with Conic! Oh the fun of being a complete whacko :)

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  1. looks like you had a totally fun halloween! I want a burrito!!!! Love the pics!