Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Contemporary Mexico!

After a painstaking weekend full of arguing & compromising, my HPRF 135 presentation on Mexican Americans & obesity went splendidly. Best of all, we set a high standard for the following groups to break, haha. But "Contemporary Mexico" was our restaurant name since we decided to do a restaurant theme for our presentation. We had Spanish music, trivia, costumes [servers], menus [of Mexican diet], & HAT DANCES! I finally got my wish to make the teacher do a hat dance *evil grin*

Of course all of this wasn't possible without sweat & tears unfortunately. Good thing Vinh was in my team or else I'd probably explode! First off, we had one member bail on us cuz he had a business trip that he had to go to & he didn't help with much of anything besides his part of the essay we had to do. Then there's the 2 other girls who didn't wanna do what Vinh & I originally envisioned for the presentation, which was have 2 members at a table [class was split into 2 families] & we'd present the same info at the same time using the menu as our questions [there were questions on the back]. But noooo, they thought it was too hard to memorize just one more tiny part, please... One had to host a party over the weekend & the other just made no sense at all... Good thing for team evaluations, pshh...

All in all, it's over with & I can relax at last... :)


  1. awwww YAY for annie and vinh!! I knew you'd set the bar high cause I thought your idea rocked! Boo to your other group members. I hate group projects because it seems the others in the group never want to work as hard as you and then it's unfair to the people who have to do all the work. UGH! hahaha You finally got you teacher to do a hat dance! LOL Too bad you don't have blackmail pics. ROFL
    Miss you!

  2. I am glad to hear it went well. I would have liked to see your professor do the hat dance.