Monday, December 31, 2007

2oo7 Reflection

Wow, 2007 has definitely flown by this year! It has definitely been a better year that last year fo sho! I'll now recap the goods, the bads, & everything in-between :)

What's the best thing to do to end the year? Head to the beach of course! Vinh, Steve, Lonnie, & I headed out to Seabright beach in Santa Cruz today & it was bunches of fun. We played in the freezing water [feet only please], walked to the lighthouse, drew hearts in the sand, & chased seagulls. Needless to say, the seagulls pecked through our stuff when we weren't looking & took Vinh's bowl of chili, lol! Steve got it back though despite no one wanted to eat it anymore, haha! Now we're just chilling, playing the Wii, drinking apple cider, & possibly watching House DVDs :)

~Annie turned 20!
~Louise's visit to Cali!
~Trip with Vinh [Yosemite, Vegas, Grand Canyon]
~First concert [MiGGs, Mandy Moore]
~Free Chipotle burritos on Halloween
~Toys for Tots benefit concert [BSB, Vanessa Carlton, Collective Soul, Elliott Yamin]
~Trips to the beach [Seabright in Santa Cruz]
~Formation of PAL [love ya P & L!]

~Eczema [go away!]
~Drama within T&I Girls [some things aren't meant to last]

~Get into the OT program!
~Do well in school [duhh]
~Travel more with Vinh [summer!]
~Have more fun!


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  1. That by far was the funniest thing I have read today! ROFL Gotta love seagulls! Poor Vinh. ROFL! I can't stop laughing, this ranks as high as the umbrella guy! This past year has definitly been odd but awesome that we are better friends and have PAL now! YAY FOR US! You made awesome plans for the new year!! LOVE YOU TONS!! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2008 BABY! AHHH