Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Feliz Navidad


I hope everyone got what they wanted under the Xmas tree today! This will be a long post consisting of grades, Xmas in the Park, & thanks yous for the gifts I received :)

Finally fall semester has come to an end! This has got to be my laziest fall semester ever! Even so, I managed to pull off a 3.62 GPA! I had a B- for 20th century world history, A- for stress management & philosophy of science, & A for 100W & health multiculture! A A A- A- B- :)

I also had my last 2 days of work at Sugar Butter Flour on Wednesday & Saturday. I have to say, the only thing I'll miss about working there is the free goodies I get to take home & eat! Sad I know, but I didn't really make any good friends anyhoo so whatever. Good riddance I say!

On Xmas Eve, I decided that it'd be nice to see Xmas in the Park at night. So I invited Steve to come along & Vinh invited his cousins. We walked around to see all the lovely decorated trees there was. it just reminded me of how jen said that when she gets her nursing job settled, she'll fund our anatomy tree that we always wanted to do! Just you wait, haha! While walking around, there was random snow [foam] puffing out of little machines from the light poles for the kids to run around in. I got covered in it at one point, haha. We also saw this balloon guy on the street making like Spongebob & stuff, pretty cool!

Now onto thank yous for Xmas gifts!
Daddy ~ for the awesome Wii, omgosh!
Mommy ~ for contributing to my new pink camera!
Vinh ~ for contributing to my camera & for the pretty zirconia ring!
Louise ~ for the picture frame, Disney Xmas crackers, ornament, jewelry, socks, candles, lip gloss, & edible goodies!
Paula ~ for the ornament, BFF necklace, Disney princess folder, post-its, body shimmers, gloves, t-shirt, & Jack Sparrow message board!
James Franco ~ for the mistletoe ;)
Helen [sis] ~ for the Cheese pin!

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  1. awwwww sounds like you had a fun Christmas. haha you can take your gloves and play in all the fake snow. ROFL!
    and *claps for you* for the awesome grades!! YAY!!
    Gosh Thanks for all the gifts you sent!!! I definitly drooled over the poster you sent... oh and the candy that people are going to trample me for. LOL
    Love you!!!