Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Toys for Tots!

What better way to procrastinate studying for finals than to go to a benefit concert! STAR 101.3 was hosting it's annual Toys for Tots benefit concert & this year the Backstreet Boys was hosting it...OMGOSH, AHH!!! It also featured Vanessa Carlton, Collective Soul, & Elliott Yamin! Talk about a superstar show, huh? So Vinh, Steve, Michelle, & I left home at around 3pm to go stand in line to see them. We each brought a new unwrapped toy with us cuz that was our ticket into the place. Basically freezing our butts off was worth it, haha. Steve & I went to go buy dinner for us while we were waiting & we ended up eating Johnny Rockets. When the lines started moving into the Civic Auditorium, we were all really excited that we were all like "go faster go faster, ahhh!"

We got to the door & gave our gifts to the Marines that were there to collect the toys. We went around getting free stuff from the radio station & from the Marines [concert cups, pins, highlighter, mints, calendars, drinks]. We decided to sit up on the balcony since the front few seats were all taken & we wanted to see everything. Michelle & I met someone from the radio station & had our picture taken with her & our group had a picture on the station's website! The Backstreet Boys was missing Howie [cuz he was with his new wifey?] but was Nick hot, mmhm! Brian & AJ looked nice as well, hehe. They were so goofy, hiding behind the Xmas trees :) Vanessa Carlton came out first & she was mindblowing amazing! She sang songs from her new album & when she thought she was done, she was pushed back on cuz the crew wasn't ready for the next group, lol. Then she came out to sing "Ordinary Day" & then they kicked her off to set up for Collective Soul.

Collective Soul came out & only had 2 of their 5 members perform. We didn't know why that was, but they weren't that bad. Afterwards, the crew setup for Elliott Yamin & then he came out in a Santa hat, aww! Steve & I were in the mosh pit in front of the stage & unable to escape cuz of all the fangirls there, lol. He was very nice & he seemed to enjoy himself very much. My favorite had to be "Wait for You" & it was the last song of the night, talk about yayyy! I was like 7-10 feet away from BSB & Elliott, how sweet was that! While Elliott was exiting, he threw the towel he wiped his sweat on into the mosh pit & these 5 girls were seriously fighting over it for over 10 minutes, lol! Steve & I decided to run off before we got trampled by them, haha. Thus ends a perfect night of procrastination :)


  1. HAHAHAHA ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW! I'm so jealous! You guys must have had a blast! AND OH MY GOSH BSB 10 FEET AWAY!! ANNIE! AHHHHHH! ROFL about being in the mosh pit with fangirls fighting over a towel... that would so be us. ROFL I can't believe you left out the part about being escorted away from security after your tackled Nick... hahahahaha ;)
    LOVE YOU STALKER GIRL! I'm sooo excited for you!

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time, and for a great cause. I finally got to see Elliott last month cause I missed out in June! Wait For You is forever my favorite of his first album! Loved the clip, him and his sexy voice! Woot!

  3. Helen2:57 AM

    wow... your way of procrastinating is much more exciting and fun than mine! ahahaha... i'm glad you had a great time, annie!! :D a much deserved break for studying so hard ;)
    and wow... girls fighting over a sweaty towel... eww.. lol.