Friday, January 11, 2008

A Hopeless Romantic

What has Annie been up to since the new year rolled in? For one thing, she was reading for pleasure! Yes, shocking I know, a real rarity. But in all seriousness, this book is my first romance novel [yea yea shut up boys!] & I must say I fell in love with this book! It was beautifully written by Harriet Evans and the story does seem like you can relate to the main characters of the book because they are ordinary people with emotions. The book begins with a description of Laura Foster, the main character, & about how she's a serious hopeless romantic, falling for one man after the other, hoping to find her true prince charming. Her last relationship ended in disaster, costing her friendships, her job, & her sanity. Despite having her life in ruins, she agrees to go on vacation with her parents & grandmother to Norfolk. While visiting Chartley Hall, Laura ends up meeting a man named Nick & slowly Laura starts to fall for him.

I seriously could not put this book down after Laura met Nick, it was totally addicting. Before this, I thought romance novels were a bunch of rubbish, but I totally adore this book, not to mention Mr. Nick from the book ;) I would absolutely recommend this book [ok, maybe not to guys, sorry] cuz it certainly grabs your attention & takes you on a rollercoaster ride through Laura & her quest to find the one true love of her life!


  1. Oh Nick! Ooooh.
    You know when you read you sort of imagine the characters. I think I know what Nick looks like. xD

  2. hahaha AHHHH!!! You finished LOL! I got distracted last night and only read like 10 pages yesterday :( haha My sister wanted me to "accidently" leave it at her house ROFL But I found it under the couch, perhaps kicked by my own foot, perhaps an elaborate plan to confiscate my beloved Nick... LOL!!! I'm in total agreeance with you about how great the book is! I think boys do need to read it ROFL It'd clue them in on how we think!