Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nature Deficit Disorder?

In my REC 110 class, we had to read parts of a book called Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv & it really hit home [for me] about what kids are like these days. In the chapters I've read, it talks about how kids are retreating inside & playing with all this technology instead of going outside. "Unlike television, nature does not steal time; it amplifies it." (Louv)

I believe that kids these days take for granted what us [older kids] had when we were young. I remember playing outdoors all the time with my sisters & Steve whether it be biking, walking, running, or playing pretend whatever in the patio or at the playground. Kids these days don't even want to go for a walk because it may take time away from their game. I would hear things like "I need to level up my character" or "there's nothing to do outside, it's boring." "They can't make their own entertainment." (Louv) The lack of being out in nature [in agreement with Louv] actually diminishes the child's ability to imagine things & create their own fun when there is no type of technology present. "In nature, a child finds freedom, fantasy, & privacy: a place distant from the adult world, a separate peace." (Louv)

Another piece of information I found interesting that a child diagnosed with ADHD is actually calmer outdoors than they are indoors. If that's so, all we have to do is let them play outside to help calm them so that they can focus on their task. I think all these cut scenes & fast-moving animation is making kids have a shorter attention span because they just want things instantly, anything slower would just be "boring" to them. I personally get dizzy seeing all these flashes of scenes showing in a blink of an eye.

Basically, society as a whole has created a fast-paced world & instead of the parents going to take their kids for a walk, they just allow them to stay indoors, playing games, eating unhealthy, etc. Instead of saying "I don't have time," I think parents should just try to take a half hour of their day to supervise their kids at the park & letting them run around instead of sitting at home eating the easily accessible potato chips bag. "Parents, educators, other adults, institutions--the culture itself--may say one thing to children about nature's gifts, but so many of our actions & messages--especially the ones we cannot hear ourselves deliver--are different. And children hear very well." (Louv) Let's start making little changes that can help make our future & present generations healthier & happier!


  1. I totally agree with what you said. I spent all of my childhood outside and do believe kids are actually calmer outside and have better happier days when they spend time outside. haha I think my little bros would live outside. Good blog post A!

  2. what's REC 110?

    anyway i definitely agree with what you said. times are changing and kids are hooked onto technology like no other. couple years ago i was in round table pizza and a mom bought two big pizza for her boys. and they wouldnt eat it because they were too obsessed with their gameboys or whatever. and the mom was begging her kids to eat and they just ignored her. and that made me really sad. i saw the same thing in ranch 99 where kids weren't even paying attention to their parents because they're on their gameboy.

    i miss the lack of technology that we had. i remember that the toys that we had required imagination. like dolls, stuffed animals, coloring books, things that sparked our imagination. now parents just wanna sit their kids down in front of the computer or tv or game console because they dont have to watch them or take care of them. and this problem isn't going to change because we live in a capitalistic economy and having parents buy stuff for their kids is good for the economy. :(

    btw, i thought you told me you learned how to ride your bike without hands!