Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break 'o8!


SUN 3/23 - Seabright Beach
Basically on the first Sunday of break, I wanted to just get the relaxation feeling turned on & to be rid of the stress of school. So I decided to go to Seabright Beach with Vinh & it was a gorgeous day out! It wasn't too cold so I was able to wear just my bikini top & soak in the sun! Basically that was all we did, enjoy the nice beach weather :)

TUES 3/25 - Diana Time!
I finally got to hangout with Diana! I haven't seen her since like finals from fall semester so it was nice to just get coffee at Starbucks & talk to her about anything. Vinh came along as well because I thought Matt [Diana's bf] was gonna come, but he couldn't make it. We just chatted 'til Diana had to go watch a movie with other people. I miss seeing her all the time :/

WED 3/26 - Michelle Time!
Hangout time with the twin, yayy! We went to Walmart first cuz Michelle wanted to buy some baller shorts. We took a while since she was so indecisive about her Tinkerbell watch! She finally ended up choosing the one I chose & we headed back to her place to watch Enchanted! We also chatted about what was going on with our lives, some good & some not so good, but it was really nice just being able to talk after not seeing each other since like winter break.

THURS 3/27 - Hakone Gardens
I believe it was Sunday that I found out about the Hakone Gardens from my coworker from SBF. I decided that I just had to see the gorgeous gardens for myself. It was even better that the ending of "Memoirs of a Geisha" was filmed there ;) Anyhoo, the admission was $5 & then Vinh, Steve, & I explored the gardens for around 2 hours. It was totally worth the money to see all the beauty that it held inside. I especially love the bridge that's surrounded by beautiful flowers & a pond with koi fish & turtles! The turtles all seemed to be looking up & we made a joke that they were waiting for their turtle god, Blastoise [pokemon, lol]!

FRI 3/28 - More Michelle Time!
Vinh & I decided to go eat out at Olive Garden since we waned to binge eat, lol. So I ordered the apricot chicken while he had the seafood alfredo. Needless to say, we stuffed ourselves silly! Afterwards, we stopped by Walmart to get Michelle the Tinkerbell purse that she didn't buy [but wanted] on Wednesday as a surprise present. We went to give it to her afterwards & she loved it, duhhh. Then we went with her to Daiso to shop around cheap Japanese goodies, Luu Noodles for her to buy dinner, & then to Walmart to return her Tinkerbell watch that she bought on Wednesday [this was her third time back, lol]. Then we just headed back to her house & chatted for a bit before we said g'bye for another 3 months :(

SAT 3/29 - Flyboys with Sonya
Sonya came over to watch Flyboys, finally! We ended up not watching Enchanted cuz she didn't bring the DVD, but we did discuss what to wear for the wedding for the next day! *rawr* Sexy Franco as Blaine Rawlings ;)

SUN 3/30 - Katherine's Wedding
At 2pm, Sonya came to pick me up to go to my first wedding [that I wasn't invited to technically, wedding crasher anyone?] & Katherine was the bride. We stopped by Nijiya first so that Sonya could buy a few drinks & off we went to find the church where the wedding was being held. We got there a half hour early, but we got to take a picture with the blushing bride. After that, it was basically downhill, lol. We couldn't understand the whole ceremony cuz it was in Korean & I wanted to crack out laughing at the singer cuz it sounded hilarious [I kept quiet of course]. Afterwards, we ran into Jason, but didn't stay to chat cuz we had to leave... Next time I go to a wedding, I better be able to comprehend parts of it!

MON 3/31 - Stalking Time!
Finally the day has come for Annie to stalk her beloved James Franco! So I woke up at like 9am to take the 9:54am train, but missed it due to not being able to find stupid parking. I ended up parking in the residential area & walked back to the station. Got off at Daly City & Sonya picked me up & then it was off to Castro Street. We saw some people filming there & I was all getting excited cuz it could be Franco. Sadly, it was for some MTV show called "Logos" :/ I gotta say Castro Street is, haha [some rated R stuff in the window displays]. Afterwards, we headed to Japantown to just shop around a little before I headed back home.


  1. ROFL I'm totally laughing at your friend for going to walmart all those times! Poor Annie didn't get to trip our beloved Franco... maybe it's just meant to be that we do it together... ROFL especially the whole [may get arrested] thing... Anyway it sounds like you had a super fun and relaxing spring break! I wish I could have been with you :)
    and btw did you pick me up a rock? ROFL

  2. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Wow what an eventful spring break~ So you guys went to the same wedding that Jason went to! he's been telling me about that wedding...actually ran into him at valley fair shopping for the wedding present too. haha~ i haven't been to a wedding yet, and have always been wondering who's wedding i will go to first. *wink*

    <3 Louisa

  3. Hey ya weddings. That's cool. How are things going with you guys? Oh gosh, have you envision your wedding lately? I have, I have, but...still faraway to tell.