Friday, May 16, 2008

Gay Marriage

On Thursday, May 15, 2008, same-sex couples in California can now legally be allowed to married. I have been waiting for this day to come & it has finally arrived! I never understood why people would try to ban same-sex marriage to begin with. If you love someone, I don't think what sex they are really matters if you want to share your lives with each other. Love knows no boundaries, right?

I have heard several reasons why same-sex marriage should not be allowed, some decent-sounding & some just idiotic. One would be same-sex couples cannot have a long-term relationship. I think that's absolutely stupid because even heterosexual couples can't even endure a long-term relationship. Another would be tax breaks for married couples. The tax breaks are usually for the hope of the couple having children. Despite the tax breaks, lots of same-sex couples have adopted children who are perfectly normal so why should they not be able to get the tax breaks? There is also the ever-so-popular "marriage is between a man & a woman" argument. There is no such saying in the U.S. Constitution that says it is between a man & a woman, but it is within the Bible. If I remember correctly, church & state are to be separated.

I just cannot believe how after this landmark decision was made, that the people against same-sex marriage want to create an amendment to the Constitution to ban it, putting it up for vote in the November election. I do not understand how people want to stop others from being recognized as a married couple. If someone were to say to a heterosexual person that they could not marry their significant other, I think they'd fight for the right & for their pursuit of happiness. So I ask, why should we stop someone else's pursuit of happiness based on a "different" type of relationship?

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