Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy 6 Years Vinh!

Wowza, six years since we started dating already?! It's been an amazing six years though, that's for sure. Wouldn't know what I'd do without this boy. Anyhoo, onto what we did today!

We first went to get lunch at Hanamaru since it was relatively cheap during lunchtime & it was pretty filling. Afterwards, we set off to visit Henry Cowell Redwood State Park after not being there for over a year [since Louise's visit]. It was surprisingly hot since yesterday it was relatively nice out. We walked around looking at the scenery & we ran into one of the guides with his group at the Fremont Tree. Inside the tree's trunk, it used to be a hotel room for newlyweds! You could see the tree grow over a shelf & the opening for the stove, it was crazy! Afterwards, I scratched our names onto a bridge since we couldn't find our old one as always. Then we decided to walk back & along the way, we saw a baby snake! Good thing it wasn't hungry, it just scurried off the path. After getting to the visitor's center to cool off with their AC, we went over to the Roaring Camp site to look around & buy a small lemonade. Afterwards, we decided to go home & chill for a bit since we were tired from our walk. For dinner, we went to Marie Callendar's since we had this coupon & we took like 1.5 hours there since the service was slow. At least the food was good & I got a slice of cake for just $0.99, haha!

For Vinh's presents, I bought a babyblue pillowcase & a picture frame & customized them both. I had sewn his name [with glass beads] onto the pillowcase along with hearts & buttons, hehe. For the frame, I added a baby blue ribbon that I tied into a bow & stuck on with fabric paint [it works]! Then I glued a pattern on the frame using the glass beads & wrote our name on it. Of course the photo inside was his favorite picture from our trip together, us at Grand Teton!

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  1. First of all your pics all turned out so cute!! *giggle*
    What an awesome idea to make the pillowcase and picture frame. Homemade gifts are always the best and mean the most. You always come up with the most unique gifts :)
    mmmm You always go to the best places to eat.. :P
    Happy Anniversary Annie & Vinh! Here's to a lifetime more!!