Sunday, August 10, 2008


Happy birthday Paula poo! This was the day I got to redeem my free dinner for four at Chipotle since I had my name drawn out of the fishbowl for it. It was super filling & I think free food just tastes better, especially from Chipotle ;)

Midnight showing for the Mummy 3! Overall, I enjoyed it with all the laughing at the horrible Chinese pronunciations & the Jonathan scenes :) I just missed Rachel as Evie cuz the new chick seemed too old & elegant for the part... Otherwise, it was a pretty good film!

Happy birthday Lonnie! We went out to shop at Walmart to get her new clothes & that took a long time, haha. Afterwards, we had dinner at Kirin with our grandparents to celebrate the birthday!

Miggs at San Jose Skate! At around 7:20ish, Steve, Helen, Vinh, & I left home & started to go to SJ Skate. When we got there, we had to get stamped before going in otherwise security wouldn't let us in. Helen & I even had to get our purses checked for weapons or something, lol. Afterwards, we saw that another band was performing so we went "backstage" to say hi to Don [guitar/vocals] & Michael [bass/vocals]. Then we headed back to the front of the stage when we ran into Jensen [band manager] & she led us to the last band member, Brian [drums]. After saying hi to Brian, I got a hug from him, yay! We talked to him for a few minutes 'til he had to go set up his drums. We also took a picture with Jensen afterwards since I did bug her so much. Then we just sat at one of the tables for about an hour listening to the other bands & watching people rollerskate. At around 9:30ish, Miggs finally got to the stage & we were in the front, baby! Helen & I sat on the food counter cuz they didn't mind & we basically enjoyed Miggs performing 'til like almost 10:40ish. They sang "Perfect," yayy! Afterwards, we went "backstage" again to take a group picture as well as getting pictures & my shirt signed by the members. We talked to Michael for a while & he seemed super nice. All the band members were really friendly & grateful for their fans coming out to see them, which is super nice for us fans! Afterwards, we found out we could rollerskate for free so we went to get our rollerskates & went onto the rink. It was super fun rollerskating again after like a decade, lol! Steve was like mortified of falling since it was his first time rollerskating & Vinh was quite the opposite, haha. Overall, we had good music & good fun for most of the night :)

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    SOOO AWESOME beyond words!!! I'm glad they were super nice and took good care of you guys! Sounds like it was a blast! I'm laughing at Steve for being mortified at rollerskating! I haven't been in like 10 years either. ROFL we have to add that to our list of dorky things to do when I come! AHHH I'm still in excitement/shock state at you getting a hug from Brian and getting to sit on the food counter and watch them!!!

    whoohoo for free dinner on my birthday! ;) It looks gooood! And happy bday to Lonnie!!!!