Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympics 2008

Where oh where do I begin? USA disappointed me for the most part even though I knew that they wouldn't get too far seeing as how we suck, but the USA men's doubles team [Bach & Malaythong] made it through 2 rounds before being beaten [badly] by the Chinese duo. Not bad for people representing USA.

Anyhoo, most of the games I watched were men's singles & men's doubles with a mixed variety of women's singles, women's doubles, & mixed doubles thrown in. Badminton games are so intense, especially when it gets to the top 8 teams in each event! The most intense match for me though [by a landslide] was the women's singles gold medal match with Zhang Ning & Xie Xingfang. Despite Xie being ranked #1 in the world, I was totally rooting for the last champion, Zhang. The reason I was rooting for Zhang was because she worked so hard [& with a knee injury] to get to the final round when she thought she wouldn't be able to compete at all. Xie always seemed like she was relying on China to fix the matches so that she could get to the top easily. Well too bad for her, Zhang had too much tenacity & blew her away, making her a two-time gold medalist for women's singles! Go Zhang Ning, you absolutely deserve that gold medal [& at 33 years old, too]!

"I wasn't as fast as Zhang today," said Xie. "We both played well but I'm upset I didn't win the gold." [this totally made me laugh, Xie you loser!]

Also worthy of mention, Yulianti beat China's Lu Lan for the bronze in women's singles! China couldn't sweep all the medals for women's singles. Yulianti played a brilliant game & it was obvious that she was making Lu distressed during the game. Cheers to non-China players winning!

Xie [China], Zhang [China], Yulianti [Indonesia]

In men's singles, I wasn't cheering for anyone necessarily in the beginning, but after seeing Lee Chong Wei [ranked #2 in the world] play, he was my man! Sure I could've rooted for Lin Dan, the #1 ranked men's singles player in the world, but he just seemed so arrogant, ugh. Lee was fast, but not fast enough to take down Lin unfortunately. The gold match between the two was a let down since Lin won so easily [what happened Lee?! you beat him earlier this year in May!]... I don't know what it was, but Lee wasn't playing to the best of his abilities. He rarely attacked, mostly defending against Lin. But I'm still proud of him for getting the only medal this games for Malaysia! Lee Chong Wei, baby! :)

Lee [Malaysia], Lin [China], Chen [China]

I believe that the winners of the men's doubles deserve some mention as well as the mixed doubles winners. Firstly, Yu Yang & Du Jing won women's doubles over Korea's duo, that wasn't a big surprise since one of Korea's players sprained their ankle while playing. Kido & Setiawan [ranked #1 in the world] played a marvelous game against China's duo in men's doubles. I was getting worried when they lost the first set, but they totally owned China in the last two sets, whoo! In mixed doubles, the unranked Korean team of Lee & Lee beat out Liliyana & Widianto of Indonesia, the #1 rank in the world for mixed! It was totally incredible how the Indonesian players let the gold slip away so easily & into the hands of Korea. I mean Korea wiped the floor with them, amazing! Best upset of the badminton games, baby!

All I can say is "GO MICHAEL PHELPS!" But seriously, 16 medals with 14 of them gold makes him the most decorated Olympian ever & he won 8 gold medals in a single Olympics game. He also broke 7 world records while getting his gold medals! I seriously think Phelps was supposed to be a mermaid or something, but you gotta admit, the man's amazinggg! I think my favorite race was the 4x100 freestyle relay where Lezak beat the pants off of France, most amazing race I've ever witnessed [on TV], holyyy. I was literally yelling at the TV for team USA to win!

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  1. hahaha I'm still laughing about Michael Phelps as a mermaid...
    but ya that 4X100 relay was the most intense moment of the Olympics for me. I think everyone who was watching that race that night must have been screaming at the tv. I think I looked like the phelps phan on crack. ROFL whooo for him!
    Too bad I couldn't drag myself out of bed at the crack of dawn to watch the badminton games with you. I watched some reviews of the games and could tell they were intense. Watching badminton and table tennis always gets me nervous. I guess cause they are such fast moving sports.
    Too bad Lee couldn't have beaten China. It's always sad when the people who deserve it most don't get it. :(
    oh well at least he got silver.
    Now it's like the most exciting Olympic events have already ended :( I guess we'll wait another four years. I wonder if Lee will be back? It's gonna be sad when Phelps retires after 2012 :(