Thursday, August 21, 2008

OT Orientation

What does Annie do the day after her 6-year anniversary? She goes to her OT orientation from 9am-4pm of course!

I got up at 6:15am to get ready to leave for the bus stop at around 7:30am to get to school on time. Since I got the wrong manual from the bookstore [they printed it wrong], I had to go exchange it so the manager switched it no problem. When I got to the orientation room, I realized he gave me pattern II's manual instead of pattern I so I had to go back to the bookstore to switch it yet again, lol. Good thing the faculty started late, haha. The chair of the department, Heidi Pendleton gave a short welcome speech & introduced us into the manual, going through procedures & what the staff expects of us. We had a 15 minute break afterwards before getting into groups to complete a survey about ourselves for the staff to get to now us better.

After the personal surveys, we headed over to the BBQ pits to get our lunch, pizza with lemonade & cake! Loved the vegetarian pizza, yumm! I basically hung out with Cheryl, Ngan, & Priscilla [she's a year ahead]. Cheryl & I also paid our membership fee for SOTA & bought the OT planner since it looked helpful.

At 1:15pm, we had to head into our department building & we got to color & draw symbols that represent us & what we love *giggle* Then we took a tour of the department & we got shown our mailbox where the department left us each an envelope with a surprise in it, an SJSU pencil! We also took a survey of the manual before being let out to go home.

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  1. That's one loooong day. At least you got surprises and lunch :) haha I wanna know what you colored and drew.. something lovey dovey? Maybe a rough sketch of Franco... just kidding ;)
    *giggles* I'm glad the peeps there were nice I'm sure you'll make new OT friends super fast!
    YAY! I'm so happy for you that you're in your OT program this year!! whoohoo and congrats!!