Monday, September 1, 2008

Fall '08!

Wow, so I haven't had time to update last week about the first week of school cuz the OT program let it rip with a flood of homework for us to do! Now that I've finished my homework in time for a new wave tomorrow [ugh!], I have some time to just give my overall thought to each class I have :)

OCTH 108; This class is all about learning the different diseases, illnesses, & disorders that we'll eventually come across later on in our careers. Professor George seems like a really nice & fun teacher despite the topic of the class. After the first real lecture, she seems to know her stuff & gives lots of examples to help us comprehend what she's talking about. Although I despise learning a gazillion diseases at one time, it should be fun!
OCTH 110; This class is all about learning professionalism in the OT world & the class is taught by a former student, Koketsu. I have to say I really like her since she's kinda like me! She's not the most outspoken one & would rather get things done than let it sit there. Maybe it's an Asian thing or something, but I seem to really be attracted to her :)
OCTH 113; This class is all about learning the human life span & what occurs through each stage of life. Professor Steffen teaches this class & she seems to be quite energetic & happy. I can't say much about her other than her lecture kinda bored me the first day of class, but that's cuz it was the first lecture. Hopefully when we get into the developmental stuff, it'll be more exciting.
OCTH 115; This class is all about learning the activities used in OT interventions as well as reinforce the theories in OT. Professor Held teaches this class & she goes wayyy fast on her lectures that my hand was cramping after one hour of lecture ^^; She called on me during class & I didn't know where we were, lol. Great first impression. I love how we have a lab though since it gives me the hands-on approach I need to learn. We made friendship bracelets, fingerpainted, played Twister, & colored on the first day :)

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  1. heehee stupid homework! I'll kick it for you since it stole you away from me! Your classes sound really interesting though and the teachers sound like they are helpful.
    YAY for your OT program! :)