Friday, October 24, 2008

Big Basin

I'm so slow at updating nowadays!

Anyhoo, on October 20th, Vinh & I decided to do the Berry Creek Fall trail at Big Basin. While we were driving on highway 9, we stopped at a vista point & witnessed clouds floating below us like a river. It was totally gorgeous & I totally didn't know that clouds would be that low, haha. After that, we arrived at Big Basin after driving the crazy road there where a squirrel chucked a nut at the car window & scared the crap out of us. We paid our fees & started hiking.

On the way to Berry Creek Falls, the scenery was so green & pretty with it's wildlife & gigantic redwoods. It took us about 2 hours to reach the end of the trail & arrive at the waterfall.

We met 2 guys there that told us to keep going up the waterfall because there were 3 more & so we decided to do so. Little did we know that we were going uphill quite a ways. We stopped after the first waterfall to eat part of our sandwiches before trekking on. I loved how we got to climb up the waterfall though, it was a lot of fun. After the last waterfall, all that was left was getting back to the car, which took us almost 4 hours to do so. The trail back was super dry & hot, which drained quite a bit of my energy since it was mostly uphill first. I kept having to take breaks & then after like 3 miles, I noticed that I was hungry. After eating, the last 2-3 miles was a breeze. Along the hot trek back, a snake like fell along the hill next to us & freaked us out because it may be poisonous. Vinh was in front of me & so I ran like heck to him & got the heck out of there, lol!

Overall, I'm proud of myself for finishing this hike in 6 hours, but I am never gonna attempt this again without being prepared. The first 8 miles was great, 8-10 was a total misery, & 10-12 was a breeze/relief.

After this hike, I seriously went on binge eating or something because I'm constantly hungry. I guess the hike really drained me or something. On Tuesday, I ate like 3,000 calories & I'm not joking. My normal intake is around 2,000 calories so imagine that, haha.

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  1. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!! first off oh my gosh I'm in hysteria laughing over the squirrel chucking a nut at you... then the snake after you as well toooo funny! Though it sounds just like an annie adventure. The pics you took were gorgeous! I'd love to take a hike like that... ROFL if we do go we are finding some muscular guys to like give us piggy back rides the way down or maybe a donkey to ride or something ROFL totally random but hey that's what we are ;)
    LOL I need to come help you eat... I just got done eating a spoonful of cookie dough... now that can't be good and I didn't even do anything strenuous today...