Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Full of Events!

Wowzers, I haven't updated in a long while, my bad...actually school's bad, lol! I've been super busy with the OT program what with it being the middle of midterm season & all. Basically, I looooove the OT program to no end, just not the massive amounts of homework that they give us on a daily basis. Oh well, it'll only make us better therapists later. I'm sure y'all just wanna hear about the super eventful stuff so here goes!

The California Academy of Science was finally re-opening it's doors at its new location after being closed for 10 years on 9/27/08! This used to be my favorite museum/exhibit when I was a kid & was super bummed that it closed so when I heard it was re-opening, I had to go! We all woke up at like 7am so that we could leave at 8am to get to the opening at 9am. The traffic in SF was ridiculous because of the re-opening so by the time we found parking, it was like 10:30ish. The line was insanely long & if it weren't for running into my cousin Glendy [who was in line since 8:30am], we would've never made it in. We waited in line for 2 hours before finally getting a ticket to enter the place at 1:30pm. We bought lunch at the little fair in front of the place & then our admission group, Eclipse, was called & we were finally let in! We basically walked about until 3:30ish when Lonnie felt sick & we decided to go home after a tiring day at an awesome place :)

I was informed about this walk by a friend in the OT program & it sounded very interesting to me. I ended up getting my sister to go with me since it was only a 1-mile walk to spread awareness about Down Syndrome. Well, we got lost for like a half hour trying to find the park that it was taking place at cuz the instructions from Google were messed up. I finally pulled over in a neighborhood & made Helen ask some dude on the street for directions & thank goodness he knew where the place was! We got there around 10am & checked in, getting our awesome shirts & name tags. We walked around for a bit before the walk actually started. During the walk, it kept pouring raining on & off so it was quite irritating cuz my umbrella was so small. About a quarter way done with the walk, I got to take a picture with Sharkie, yay! After the walk was done, we had lunch provided by the people & watched the little kids play in the firetruck, police cars, & rental play stuff before heading home.

PS - Should I join the Golden Key International Honour Society? I have to make a decision before 11/10!


  1. Stephen Lee1:23 PM

    YES ANNIE! You should totally join! It is an honor!
    It would be good that you have that on your resume. Now that I am in college, greek life is actually a pretty big deal and high respected. It is like an identity.
    And it shows that you know how to party and still be a smarty pants.
    I think it is worth it if you think it is.

  2. hahaha yay! You finally blogged! I am laughing at you making Helen talk to some random dude on the street. too funny! It's really great that you participated in the walk to spread awareness + they are fun *giggles* and for the second time JOIN DUDETTE! :) *pokes you*

  3. + awwwww your banner makes me all sad :( I don't want the summer to end we all had so much fun!