Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rebuilding Together

Today, I woke up very early on a Saturday [for me] to go volunteer with my fellow SOTA members in San Jose for Rebuilding Together. We got to help rebuild Stella's house & she was a very nice lady. We started by scraping off the paint & taping parts that aren't supposed to have paint on them. Then we had to get brooms & poles with rags on it to wipe off the spiderwebs & cracking paint from the ceiling.

After that, Charlene, Steph, & I sorted out the plastic bottles to take to the nearest recycling center for Stella. We got to take Joeselle, the site coordinator's, truck there. Since there were only two seats, we had to squeeze in with Charlene driving, Steph changing the shift, & I on the right, lol. We got there fairly easily & had to wait in line to exchange our like 10 garbage bags worth of plastic bottles. We got in trouble with the recycling dude cuz we had like 2 bags that had like 1-2 aluminum/glass bottles, so he took off 3 lbs off our total weight. But we still managed to get $31.46 for Stella for all those plastic bottles.

When we got back, we got to work on painting the surface of the house with a light beige color. I got assigned to paint the little spaces inbetween the planks of wood. With my tub of paint & brush in hand, I did like half of those spaces on the right side of the house. While painting, a spider appeared on my tub & I'm all "where'd this spider come from? I must be a magician!" Adrianne [third year OT & overseer] responded by saying "I don't think your magic shows would have a lot of people!" Haha. Then Mike came to tell us that they took the kittens we found earlier & put then in the donut box. Charlene & I went looking for it & Joeselle's friend came to pick it up to take to the pound. Charlene & I got to hold a little 2-week old kitten before they took off on their journey. After playing with the kittens, I helped Steph while she painted the top portion by holding the ladder. We basically finished half of the top by the time Charlene came back with lunch.

We had Little Caesar's pizza for lunch & basically all the first years [my classmates] hung out together enjoying our food & laughing at Mike's NDT jokes. I definitely got to know my classmates better after this :)

Mike, Valeen, me, Erin, Charlene, Steph, Purvi


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  2. ROFL how the heck did you blogger get spammed :/

    hahaha you and the spider!! I think that wildlife is out to get you first the squirrel and snake and now the spider...
    That's such a great thing you did helping out that lady with her house. I bet she really appreciated it :)yay for getting to know your classmates better I bet you guys had a really fun time while doing it :)