Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday 2008

Yes, Annie went out on black friday yet again this year! Same crew as last year: Vinh, Helen, Steve, & myself.

We first hit up Kohl's because I wanted this black haltertop dress since I needed a little black dress of my own. After the doors opened, Vinh & Helen helped me look for the dress, but to no avail so they went to look for their own stuff. After perusing around the juniors section a bit more, I found it on the dress rack on the very back & snatched the last small sized one!

After Kohl's, we rushed over to Old Navy. We totally thought we wouldn't get the free Samsung S2 pebble mp3 player since the line was already long, but we did! The first 50 people got a bracelet & as long as we spent $20, we got the free mp3 player. I decided to buy a pink scarf along with a semi-sparkly white sweater.

When Old Navy was done with, we rushed over to Target so that Steve could buy his TV, haha. I rushed over to the entertainment section to pick-up my House MD season 3 set & the 27 Dresses DVD. It was like mass chaos over in the electronics section of the store, haha.

Lastly, we went to IHOP to eat breakfast after a long shopping spree. Gotta love the strawberry pancakes & hash browns *drool* Anyhoo, that's my exciting black friday for this year!


  1. Great finds..! Thank you so much for sharing your Black Friday shopping experiences.

  2. YAY!! I'm so happy you found your little black dress!!! I looooove it!
    haha did Steve manage to get his tv he wanted?
    Target's electronic section/DVD section was like mass hysteria here. ROFL
    DUDE that's so awesome you got that MP3 player!!! whoohoo it's gonna contain so many sexxxy songs! anthony.... *melts*
    Anyways congrats on finding your wishlist stuffers and not being ran over by a buggy! *giggles*