Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Day in Monterey

Yesterday [11/29], Vinh & I planned an outing to do the 17-mile scenic drive in Monterey [technically Pebble Beach]. We wanted to get away from home for at least a day & just have a nice change of scenery. We decided to leave after lunch so that we'd save some money from expensive tourist food in Monterey so we left at 12:30. See how excited Kiyore is in the picture? He hasn't been on an outing ina while, haha! I believe we arrived at the entry to the scenic drive at around 2:30 & started our adventure.

Our first stop was at Shepherd's Knoll where you were supposed to have a good view of Monterey Bay & the Santa Cruz Mountains except trees covered most of the view, haha. Second stop was at Huckleberry Hill where there were lots of huckleberry bushes around, haha. Nothing too great there, really. Third was the Poppy Hills Golf Course so that I could go use the ladie's room, haha! Vinh isn't too fond of golf courses so it was a quick trip in that one. Too bad Tiger Woods wasn't there... The fourth & fifth stop was the Spanish Bay and the Restless Sea. The views of the ocean was absolutely gorgeous & not to mention freezing cold! My poor feet, haha. After that, we went to our sixth stop of China Rock, where there used to be homes to Chinese fisherman. We then proceeded to our seventh stop at Bird Rock where there were lots of different birds & sea lions at this huge rock in the ocean. The waves were super high, scary! Afterwards, we went to our ninth stop of Fanshell Overlook where I got to pick some seashells home, yayy! Gotta love those seashells that look like Asian rice hats, lol. Our tenth stop was the Cypress Point Lookout where we could so quite a bit of the pacific coastline & all it's beauty. Afterwards, our eleventh stop was to see the Lone Cypress, which stands alone on a rocky perch for over 250 years & is a California landmark apparently. Our last stop before leaving the scenic drive was the Ghost Tree, which was just a tree trunk that was bleached white by the wind & sea spray. It didn't look too ghostly to me, lol.

After the scenic drive, we quickly made our way to Carmel beach to watch the sunset. We had super good timing because we got parking & a great view of the sunset. It was absolutely gorgeous & my first time ever seeing the sun set at the beach. Kiyore enjoying it lots, too! Of course, it was super cold & I was wearing my flip flops & walking in the water at times, haha. Afterwards, we headed to the Fisherman's Wharf to have dinner at Rappa's. I had their shrimp spaghettini & clam chowder *drool* It was super yummy & filling, hooray for fresh seafood. Afterwards, Vinh went to buy another clam chowder bowl while I bought a pearl ring for $14. Then we decided to go to his mom's place to sleep instead of renting a motel for the night so we drove about 2 hours back & just slept there :)

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  1. That sounds like such a fun trip!!! We so have to do that! All the pics so far are gorgeous! Mega beautiful scenery there!
    So jealous!
    I want yummy seafood! Now I'm hungry!
    haha see what your blogs do to me! *eyepokes*
    Glad you had fun and got to take a break from life with Vinh and Kiyore. So are L and I like his Aunties or Fairy Godmothers like in Sleeping Beauty? *giggles*