Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election 2008


Why the heck would you vote yes on Prop 8? Why would you ban two people who are in love from marrying one another just because it's between a man & a man or a woman & a woman? It makes no sense why you would discriminate against another human being. Would you, the 52%, like to be stripped of your right to marry the one you love? I would bet not, so why in the world would you stop another human being from doing so. They are exactly the same as everyone else, they want to marry their soulmate one day, but you've gone & shot down their right to do just that!

As for the Yes on Prop 8 campaigners, schools do NOT teach about marriage at all. That's all learned from your parents & elsewhere. School has no business in saying that marriage is only for straight couples. Seriously, has a homosexual person ever done anything to you to make them deserve this? We should all be capable to marry our beloved, but no, 52% of California voted to ban gay marriage. To think, we have our first ever black President, Barack Obama [kudos to him], yet the state that is the most liberal won't even allow gay marriage to occur. The United States is a free country, yeah right, pft!

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