Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Weekend


I distracted the guest speaker in my morning class cuz I was wearing my black kitty ears except the speaker said "mouse ears," haha! Then SOTA had a spooky social where all the OT students got together for food & hanging out. It was fun just hanging out with people from my year & just chillin' :)

I got to dress up as Tinkerbell, yayy! Vinh dressed up as Death, aren't we a great couple? *giggle* Anyways, we spent the day as that & during dinner, we put on some aluminum foil, picked up Conic & went to two Chipotles to get our free burritos! Talk about yummy, hehe. Then we dropped by Vinh's mom's apartment to pay her a visit & I got to hand out candy to kids for the first time ever! Then we went back to my house & watched Devil's Diary on TV & it was an...interesting movie... After that, just talked with Vinh & that was the end of our fun Halloween adventures :)

Mostly studied in Vinh's car [cuz I wasn't invited into his classmate's house] for three hours. Afterwards, we went to the beach nearby & just enjoyed the view for about an hour. It was a nice break from the stress & everything :)

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