Thursday, November 6, 2008

Leadership Evaluation

Today I had an appointment to meet up with Prof. Koketsu to talk about my leadership skills within my group. First of all, I was surprised that I had an A in the class considering I only got a B on the midterm, so yay! Anyways, she said that my group members wrote that my strengths were that I was dependable, organized, friendly, laidback, knowledgeable, & knows what to do. My weaknesses was basically that I was timid or did not speak enough. I already sorta knew that since I do come off as quiet & reserved at first, but I come out of it eventually. She says she knows that I'm very efficient & organized & that my group really appreciates that from me as well. But Koketsu did say I have really good qualities as a leader so yay!

Koketsu was also saying how my group wasn't too consistent with our worksheets that we turn in, especially since we haven't gotten a 5/5 yet. She told me that she knew my quality of work is excellent & to be more assertive in my group to bring up our group's quality of work for our case study due in a few weeks. Basically, she told me that I was a really good asset to my group & that I should be more assertive to get that quality of work up to more of my standards instead of the group's standards. I love how she has so much faith in me!

Anyways, this was great timing since I have to be an activity leader later at my volunteer place once I get settled in. At least I know my strengths & weaknesses so I know where to improve & whatnot! I'm glad she did this "assessment" on each of us because it's super helpful to know more about yourself in general :)

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  1. YAY!!! Your peers had good things to say about you :) hahaha timid and not speaking up? Not when PL and Franco are around!!!! :P Sounds like you have a really great teacher that really cares about her students and strives to help them be as successful as they can! You've always struck me as a good leader so rock on!
    whoo hoo annie :)