Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2oo8 Reflection

Time to say g'bye to 2008 & hello to 2009! But first, I wanna recap all that has happened in 2008 which has helped me grow into the person that I am now :)

~visiting Hakone Gardens
~taking part in the Day of Silence to support the LGBTQQIA community
~getting into OT school!
~finally turning 21 & able to drink/gamble!
~traveling to 7 different states with Vinh
~Music in the Park - Vanessa Carlton
~meeting Miggs & getting all that free swag
~re-opening of the California Academy of Science
~Bay Area Buddy Walk [Down Syndrome awareness]
~Rebuilding Together for SOTA
~6-hour hike on the Berry Creek Falls Trail [torturous]
~joining Golden Key International Honour Society
~meeting new people within the OT program
~Glendy & Drew finally getting married
~meeting Don Blue from STAR 101.3 FM
~getting only one B the whole year!
~getting better in graphic design/icons
~finished reading all of Harrient Evans' books [AHR, GH, LOHL]
~PAL getting a lot closer
~Vinh & I making our relationship stronger <3

~Stanford messing up my dad's angioplasty
~Vinh & I going through a really rough patch
~Lonnie's online "boyfriend" & the trouble along with it

~keeping up those grades
~learn & absorb as much from OT school as possible
~meet Paula & reunite with Louise in Oklahoma!
~travel more [if possible]
~have lots more fun!

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  1. What a year you've had!! Yay for good outweighing the bag things!! You've had so many wonderful experiences! whoohoo for PAL! Of course we got closer and I have no doubt we will be friends for life. It's different with us and I have no doubts whatsoever that we'll continue to be the best of friends! Whoo hoo for your resolutions I forgot to make any on new years eve. ROFL
    ROCK on to a whole new year to be able to get in trouble together!
    Love you A! PAL for life!