Friday, December 26, 2008

Benihana & Shopping

On December 18th, STAR 101.3 FM was hosting a free dinner at Benihana's for anyone that donated a new, unwrapped toy to the Toys for Tots foundation. I bought a toy bat with ball & this wooden cup catching toy [wooden ladel with cup & there's a string with a oval piggie] as well. Vinh, Steve, Helen, Lonnie & I arrived around 4:45ish to Benihana & we were basically very close to the front of the line. Iris met up with us around 5ish & we started to go in around 5:20ish. There was a set menu for us already & we just had to choose which ones we wanted. I ended up choosing the Benihana cranberry spiced mojito [yay free alcohol], the vegetarian menu [appetizer was tofu, salad & soup; main course was an array of veggies & noodles], & orange sorbet ice cream for dessert. When the chef was cooking in front of us, it was really fun. My veggies came in aluminum foil & what seemed like plastic wrap on the top. While it was cooking on the hot table, the plastic wrap started to bubble up really big & whatnot that I thought my food was gonna explode on me. To make things even worse, the chef was all "you want me to squish it with my spatula?" & proceeds to do so, lol! After he sliced it with his knife & not even a pop was heard. It was most likely rice paper instead of plastic wrap, haha. Anyhoo, after finishing our humungous dinner, we had to take a photo with Don Bleu [a host on 101.3 FM] & we did just that! More photos at the station's gallery here [I'm in 10, 21, 25, 50] :)

Iris, Steve, Don Bleu, Vinh, Lonnie & Helen

Sonya didn't have to work today so we actually got to hangout & do some last minute Xmas shopping at the Great Mall. We actually went through the mall twice, lol! She bought this black halter [with sleeves] top for me from Papaya. I also ran into Naomi, who now worked at Papaya, & it was nice seeing her. Sonya was mainly shopping for two guys, which took her forever to choose something, haha. But it was oodles of fun nonetheless since I haven't seen her since like before Halloween. Basically, I got a blue shirt from Aeropostale for myself [says "use your heart, do your part"] & for Vinh [says "eCoexist" with a tree print].

I went to the Great Mall again, haha. This time with Vinh, Steve, Michelle & Helen. We took the same amount of time as I did with Sonya except we only went through the mall once. I only ended up buying a cute pair of brown flats with little heart prings on it for $5 at Payless, but it was worth it because it's so warm & comfy. To say the least, I was exhausted from shopping so much during the week that I was all out of it half the time, haha.

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  1. *you want me to squish it for ya?* ROFL!!!! i would have died laughing
    that would have been hilarious to have your food explode everywhere.
    It sounds super yummy though!!! We have a restaurant sorta like that here but it's definitely not as good and it's uber expensive :( I want your cranberry mojito!!
    Your shopping experiences sounded fun!! haha You're like me at having to walk through the entire mall looking at stuff. LOL
    you need to take a pic of your cute new shoes!!!
    Happy Holidays!!!