Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fall '08 is Over!


My goodness was December super busy with school ending, finals & other miscellaneous things! So I guess I'll just talk about the most important stuff since I don't really remember when the event happened, haha. Everything's a blur!

I should've blogged about this earlier since it happened the week before Thanksgiving, but I was too stressed out [shocking huh?] about finishing the darn thing & doing a kick ass job on it. My group wasn't the best at getting things done on time so it was going against my attitude of gethings done early. I had to revise our paper so much [2 hours worth] that my teacher said it like night & day when comparing the before & after [go me!]. After doing so, we had to get our powerpoint done super quick as well & I ended up putting the stuff together, ugh. At least on presentation day, we got an A+ *dances* I have seriously never been so stressed in my life, my gosh!

We're the OT G's: Derrick, Brenna, Double O, Garvey

On dead day, I met up with my OCTH 113 group to finish our posterboard for our final the next day. It looked fabulous & was probably the second best one in the class if I don't say so myself! Afterwards, I met up with Samantha, Christine, Oliver, & Xuan for lunch at Hally K. Ono Cafe. I miss my humanities friends & I love hanging out with them. Friends in other majors keep me sane, haha! We found out that Xuan had a boyfriend who's name was Keven Wong, which is hilarious because Samantha's boyfriend is Kevin & my last name is Wong. What was even funnier is that Xuan's last name is the same as Vinh's! We have a thing going on here, haha!

Humanities buds: Xuan, Samantha, Oliver

Onto finals, I definitely got an A in OCTH 115 since I rocked that class to no end, haha. Art & crafts are my best friend & labs are always more fun for me anyway. I am also pretty sure I got A's in OCTH 113 & 110 since those were the finals with the posterboard & open book. The only one I'm not too sure about is OCTH 108 since diseases always get me confused, boo. At least I did extra credit so I have a little buffer! After our last final, all the first year OT students headed over to Pizza My Heart for a little end of Semester I celebration! One down & 5 more to go! It was fun just hanging out & watching people get hilarious gifts from the white elephant exhange, haha.

OT Party: Valeen & Meridith

At 10:30am, December 16, Vinh & I arrived my cousin Glendy & her fiancee Drew's civil wedding [real one is on January 2, '09 in Hawaii]. It was a really small semi-formal thing, but it was much nicer than the wedding I went to last time *cough* Most of the time I was up & about taking photos for my family to see since only Vinh & I went. I also saw my grandmother, Glendy's mom & dad & another aunt there along with a Drew's family & some of their friends. It was totally cute when they were saying their vows to each other since Glendy started crying & then got the rest of the women on my side [except me] to cry, too. It was too romantic I suppose *giggle* But congrats to Glendy & Drew, it's about time! Our family has waited forever for her to get hitched :)

They're FINALLY married!

Day after the wedding, I had to get my butt up early in the morning to go volunteer with a school-based OT named Jenny [guest speaker in OCTH 110] at Sedgewick Elementary. I was basically observing & playing with the kids in Miss Hannah's preschool classroom which had kids with behavioral issues. From what I found out, there was a girl with autism, another with Downs Syndrome, & a few with low muscle tone. The kids were really sweet though despite myself having trouble communicating since I've always worked with older adults. I got to play with the kids during recess as well before heading to the OT room where there were about 10 kids that needed a half hour of OT. I got to use the sensory integration swing that I saw in the Jean Ayres video, woot! But overall, now I'm even more confused as to what I want to do in OT...

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  1. YAY! I'm excited for you to be done and on break so I can bug you!
    Even though it sounded uber stressful it also sounded like fun especially with all the projects you did! I'm totally laughing at your name game how coincidental is that?! I just now realized the couple whose wedding you went to was the couple you showed me pics of and was telling me about their Hawaii wedding!! Jealous much!! I want to go to Hawaii!!
    I'm sure you'll figure out what you want to do as in OT it will all fall into place :)
    I love you Annie Banannie!!!!!
    On to Christmas Break!!