Thursday, December 25, 2008

Xmas '08


Just wanted to wish everyone a very merry Xmas this year, hehe. I hope everyone got what they asked Santa for! I didn't ask for much, but seems that I got on the nice list this year once again cuz Santa & his elves sent me quite a few goodies this year :)

Vinh ~ magenta plaid dress & the drawing of Rikku from FFX
Grandparents & Parents ~ total of $300 cash
Vinh's Mom ~ snowman plushie, Estee Lauder cleanser, & $50 cash
Paula ~ light up skull t-shirt, bunny & turtle t-shirt, comfy shorts, letter "A" ornament, Taylor Swift's "Love Story" CD, mark lipgloss, Sleeping Beauty book, junior mints chapstick, ice cream candy, & jingly bell ornament thingy
Louise ~ elf teddybear with jelly beans, Opia eyeshadow & nail filers, NY sandal keychain, Avon "A" heart necklace, limited edition impulse spray, fanta chapstick, Guess Jeans t-shirt, 2009 planner, glittery makeup bag, nail polish, & little red purse with chocolate truffles
Sonya ~ black halter with sleeves top/dress
Helen [sis] ~ black monokuro boo pig keychain
Lonnie ~ white seal with blue heart keychain

1 comment:

  1. whooo hoo!!!! yay for presents!! I loooooove that magenta plaid dress!! That is totally you!!
    too cute! all the gifts you got were too fun!
    haha I'm glad your light up shirt still worked cause I was thinking after being tossed around by the wonderful post office that the battery would be dead ROFL I'm so happy that PAL is celebrating another Christmas together :)
    Love you!! and
    Have a great rest of the holiday season!