Monday, January 19, 2009

A Whole Lot of Sunshine!

Can you believe it's 2009 already?! Anyhoo, I haven't updated in a while, but that doesn't matter as long as I'm enjoying myself & life around me. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, like it's late spring/early summer, despite it still being winter! I totally love it, basking in the sun & having fun.

On January 11th, Vinh & I decided to go to San Juan Bautista for fun since I've wanted to revisit the mission & Vinh's never been to a mission. It took us about an hour to get there, but the scene there was quite nice. San Juan Bautista was a very sleepy little town compared to what I'm used to in the Silicon Valley. While finding a spot to park, Vinh thought he heard a chicken cluck & what do ya know, he was right. When we finished parking, lo & behold there are chickens walking around freely on the streets! We now know why chickens cross the get away from tourists like us :)

After trying to catch a chicken & failing, we walked around Mission San Juan Bautista, the first mission I've been to way back in fourth grade. We were lucky since the church was open for mass since it was Sunday afterall. After visiting the mission, we walked around to the plaza & stables to look in their museums [paid only $2 total] & just looked at how life was back then, the history & such. I gotta love the old firetruck which is basically a big ol' wagon carrying many buckets that contained water, lol! We went into town afterwards to eat at Mission Cafe where I had a huge chili cheese fries & a strawberry brownie shake [talk about getting fat]. After a filling lunch, we walked a bit more in town before deciding it was time to go home.

On January 17th, Vinh, Conic & I went for a little hike at Henry Cowell Redwood Park. It was a super nice day out so why not? We headed out at 10am, but stopped by two food places to buy food for breakfast & lunch. We arrived at the park & walked around for at least 1-1.5 hours. It was actually kinda chilly there despite all the sunlight & lucky me, I wore shorts. I wanted to play in the water, but it was all muddy & cold so I only dipped one foot in...

While we were walking around in the park, Vinh's mom called saying she wanted us to bring home some sand [random I know] so I somehow got Vinh to take us to Seabright beach. Compared to the park, it was pretty darn hot & I loved it! We only spent, at most, 30 minutes since neither of the boys were dressed for the beach nor were they very excited about it, boo... After we took a stroll along the shore, we headed back home & took a nap.

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  1. have so much fun! I'm jealous!!! Sounds like a blast tho!!! And one of these days, you can be my tour guide!!! =)