Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spring '09!

Again, I'm late in writing about my second semester of OT classes because once again, OT school let the homework gates overflow with massive amounts of reading, boo! Now that it's basically the weekend for me, let's get to my overall thoughts about each class :P

OCTH 120; This class was the one that I dreaded the most because I heard it was super hard & who wouldn't think so with a class called kinesiology? Anyhoo, I like my teacher, George, since I had her for my diseases class last semester. Even though I'm not a genius at kinesiology, George makes it understandable for me & the other students since she teaches verbally & gives us a visual [overheads & on the skeleton itself].
OCTH 122; This class wasn't on my list of classes that I would get excited over either seeing as how it was mental health. My impression of the teacher, Andonian, is that she's a nice person, but my goodness can that class be a bore during lecture. I'm glad that when we get to do groupwork stuff because we can move around & talk & not get lectured to death. This'll be an interesting class since I know nothing of mental health in OT.
OCTH 126; This class I was more excited about since we get to learn how to do transfers & more applicable things in OT intervention! Plus, my favorite teacher from last semester, Koketsu, is teaching this class, yay! I can't wait to learn how to do transfers & dressing, more hands-on stuff.
OCTH 130; This class was on my list of possibly boring classes seeing as how it talks about the evaluation process in OT process. I like my teacher, Cara, though since she's a fun teacher, it's just the content of the course that's boring. She wanted to be a cowgirl [like Annie Oakley] when she was a little girl, but she was afraid of horses, lol! But I think I'll enjoy this class because of Cara.

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  1. hey there stranger!! *giggles*
    That sucks that some of your classes are boring but at least you can catch a few hours sleep during them... just kidding :) It sounds like you got good teachers so at least they might be able to make it not so boring.

    I miss you!! Darn homework reading. I'll eyepoke it for you! Hope you're doing great besides the heavy homework load. I love you!! If there's anything I can help ya with just poke me :P