Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day '09!

Long time, no blog! I've really been neglecting my blog for schoolwork & such, haha. I'm such a nerd nowadays ;)

Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting--*
On the 5th, Jotendra & I went to the Congregational Community Church to attend an AA meeting for our OCTH 122 class. It was very interesting seeing as how I didn't know there'd be so many people with alcohol problems in my area. Most of the people looked like ordinary people. I had a good experience overall since the members were all very welcoming & friendly. All the members seem very grateful for being a part of AA because it has changed their life & I'm glad to hear that a program can have such an impact on one's life.

School - 2/9~2/12--*
I had 2 quizzes this week. The first quiz [OCTH 122] I was very peeved about seeing as how my teacher told me to keep my eyes on my own paper. Basically, I was literally squished between 2 people during the quiz & their quizzes were right next to mine. Instead of looking down, I looked up to look as though I wasn't cheating, but my teacher came over & said "I know you're probably just thinking, but keep your eyes down on your own paper." That really made me super peeved because I was trying to avoid "cheating" & I get called out for it anyway.

The second quiz was in OCTH 120 & it wasn't as hard as I thought, hehe.

Friday the 13th--*
Nothing super exciting except that I found out that Frederick's of Hollywood at a local mall was closing so everything was 75% off clearance price! Basically I got like 3 bras for like $1.75 each. Vinh got me this black & royal blue corset for Valentine's day for like $5-6 :)

Valentine's Day--*
Vinh basically planned the day out for us. He picked me up at around 11:40ish & he drove us to Chipotle for lunch since it was cheap yet filling. I was super stuffed by the time I finished my burrito bol. After lunch, we went to his mom's apartment to take a 2-hour nap & ate some fruit before leaving for dinner. We ended up having dinner at Applebee's since it wasn't too expensive or cheap. Afterwards, we just went back to my place & chilled for the rest of the night :)

School - 2/16--*
It was pouring rain & only CSUs seemed to have school today. I went to the bus stop to wait for the bus & luckily I had my umbrella open because a truck drove by & splashed water all over me! After that ordeal, the 22 bus came & blocked the view of the 522 bus & as a result, the 522 passed by without me on it! Luckily the 22 driver caught up to the 522 & I got on the bus. A few minutes after getting on the 522, the bus had to re-route due to a car accident blocking all 3 lanes of the road. Great way to start my day, huh?

Anyhoo, I got my OCTH 122 quiz back & I got a 50/50, yay! I'm off to a great start to a quiz I "cheated" on, haha. We also learned how to dress in different situations in OCTH 126 today including donning/doffing shirts, pants, socks & shoes with people who have paraplegia, hemiplegia & hip replacements. It was pretty fun, but also exhausting.

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  1. I can't believe your teacher I would be mad too if that happened. Anywho rock on for your 50/50 score!
    Coolies about Fredericks! Awesome deals you got there!

    hahaha I'm still laughing at you getting splashed. Bus + rain = hilarious. It brings back memories of the time you were on the bus and the guy with the umbrella mishap. ROFL
    Sounds like you've had a very eventful busy week! :P