Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Filoli Estate

On March 7th, it was a bright, sunny & warm day. Since there was tension in the house, I called up Vinh to see if he wanted to go visit Filoli Estate for fun.

Filoli Mansion [or Annie's "Needham Estate"]

We arrived at around 1:30ish & it was like the place jumped out of one of my favorite books, A Hopeless Romantic. We passed by the toll booth onto a little bridge & then into the parking lot. Then we went to the visitor center to pay our admission fee & off we went to see the mansion. It was gorgeous & huge! I think my favorite room would obviously be the ballroom, hehe. I totally wouldn't mind living there for a day or two.

Daffodils were in full bloom in the garden!

Afterwards, we headed out of the house into the gardens behind. The daffodils were in full bloom and the garden was absolutely stunning even though the flowers weren't in full bloom yet. As we were walking, I was all thinking in my head "this would be a nice place for a wedding" & Vinh agreed *giggle* So don't be surprised if we end up having ours here ;)

But yes, this is what I imagine Nick Needham's estate to be *giggle*

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  1. hahaha you wrote a blog so you could make me even more jealous! *eyepoke* jk
    The pics you took were amazing! I can't wait to see it! It's so funny how after we both saw it we were for sure that was Nick's estate *giggles*
    It would be so perfect for a romantic wedding :P