Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Break '09!

Haha I love how throughout spring break I did not once blog! Guess better late than never to do so!

Anyhoo, the last class before break officially started was kinesiology & we had a sub that day since our teacher decided to celebrate her birthday in Paris! Anyhoo, our sub was Prof. Killingsworth [past kinesiology teacher] & we all had our doubts about her since we heard she was horrible, haha. Turns out she was pretty fun & she loved my scapula since I could wing it out pretty far hence her giving me the name "winging woman" :P

Meridith & I at the end of our experience

On the 20th, Meridith & I decided we should do our wheelchair mobility experience since there were less people around & less embarrassment. I seriously didn't think it would be that hard, but I was proven way wrong! With the steep ramps, uneven pavements, high thresholds & heavy doors, it was super drained of my energy by the time I rolled back to return my rented wheelchair. Definitely have a better idea of people who have to use a wheelchair daily & I totally respect them because it's so not easy!

On the 22nd, I got up early enough to go pick-up my reservd copy of Pokemon Platinum, yay! I couldn't believe that there was a line to get the game because I thought Pokemon was so done by now...guess not :P

Sealion just chillin' on the rocks

On the 23rd, Vinh & I decided to go hiking at Point Lobos Reserve near Carmel. It was a beautiful day out, it was just a little too windy for our liking. We saw two sea otters swimming together & a sealion chilling on some rocks. We basically hiked, took photos, & chilled at the beach for a little bit. The trails were lined with broken abalone shells so that it glittered in the sun! I felt like a princess hiking along those trails with all the glitter in the dirt road.

Vinh & I at the end of the North Shore Trail @ Point Lobos

Painter's creation near China Cove @ Point Lobos

On the 24th, I went to happy hour at Elephant Bar with Vinh, Michelle & Chuen. I was the designated driver so I naturally had a non-alcoholic beverage. We basically talked & had fun walking around the plaza until some friends came to pick-up Michelle & Chuen.

The rest of break was mostly just playing Pokemon, being lazy & trying to finish my homework for school starting up again...

So far I know I got an A & 2 B's on my midterms, which isn't bad at all considering they were all in a row!

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