Friday, April 24, 2009

Dean's Scholar!

Tonight was the 47th Annual Honors Convocation & I was a dean's scholar, yay! Basically, I earned a 3.65 or higher for two consecutive semesters. I was so close to two 4.0s, but I'm happy nonetheless. Vinh accompanied me to the convocation, but we had to split up since us scholars sat in a different area than the guests. Naturally, I went to go sit with my OT buddies since we're cool like that, haha. Our college [Applied Sciences & Arts] had the most scholars, yay! The ceremony certainly involved a lot of clapping, but it was a nice experience & honor :)

Holly, Sarah, me & Cassandra represent the first year OTs!

1 comment:

    What an honor! I'm so proud of my little Annie Banannie!!!!
    *claps* :P