Saturday, May 2, 2009

New OT Merchandise

April is National OT month & what better way to end the month than with our department having a BBQ & selling our new merchandise! I was ecstatic since I can finally see my design on the tote bags & mugs!

Tote & mug: Occupational Therapy - helping improve *quality of life*

Obviously, they turned out great, no? I wish the tote bag was a little "prettier," but I'm very satisfied with the mug. I got both for free since I was the designer [go me!] & I bought one for my mentee, Jessica, who I met the very same day for the first time! 

Sporting my design!

1 comment:

  1. Your design turned out soooo cool! Too bad they didn't make them in more pretty colors like pink! *giggles* Congrats on having the best design! I so knew you were going to win! You deserved it!!! Whoo hoo to Annie and her creative genius!