Friday, May 29, 2009

Post Finals '09

Long time, no blog! I've been super busy with finals & the events that followed, but it's time to catch up on all of that so let's begin!

MOTHER'S DAY; 5/10--*
On Mother's Day this year, the Koret museums had free admission all day so we decided to go to the Children's Discovery Museum. Before that, we made our mom some breakfast [omelette & salad with Asian pear & avocado], which she enjoyed, yay! Afterwards, we went to the museum & it was super crowded with a bunch of kids & it reminded me of why I wasn't going into pediatrics anytime soon, lol. Although we didn't do that much in the museum cuz we were the bigger kids, it was fun to just walk around :)

in the garden at the museum

Finals were such a pain in the butt this year! I have never had such a lack of life, lol! On the bright news, I am the new SOTA secretary for 2009-2010! I'm totally gonna rock this position. On the last day of our finals, Garvey hosted a party, beach themed, for our whole class which ran from 2pm to whenever. I drove myself & Meridith to his place around 4pm & we just hung around with the OT people there until 5:30pm since Meridith had to go to work. It was my first time going to a party with alcohol, haha. I felt slightly uncomfy, but it went away pretty quickly so I was happy about that. I had a good time, especially since summer officially started!

the cake that Double "O" brought to the party, aww!

Since Vinh had a late final the night before, we decided to go to the Firehouse Grill & Brewery in Sunnyvale for their happy hour. I had their first place beer & it was a good beer. I got slightly buzzed since I didn't really eat much & same went for Vinh. We were both buzzed people walking around to get rid of the feeling. Afterwards, we went to dinner with Vinh's brother & dad at some Vietnamese restaurant, which was really boring...

slightly buzzed couple, haha!

The most tiring day all week, haha! I had to drive Vinh to graduation early so that he could be with his class to "practice" & then I had to go back to get his mom. The graduation itself wasn't very entertaining at all, but I was excited that Vinh finally got his BS degree! I started getting cranky after the ceremony since his family takes ages to leave since they take a bajillion photos. After we finally left, we headed to his place to wait for dinner. We had dinner at Suny Buffet & I didn't eat too much since I don't like that place much. After that, we rested a little bit before a few of us went to Elephant Bar for a drink.

that's my graduate :)

Vinh & I had to get up early so that we could help his mom get a glass table dining set from Newark. That was super annoying since I was tired from graduation & didn't have too much time to recuperate. Later in the night, we took his dad to downtown Palo Alto, Olive Garden & Stanford campus for his last night in California. It was surprising that I didn't have to talk back to his dad this time around since he was quite cooperative & nice. It was definitely a totally different experience from two years ago so I quite enjoyed his company [for the most part] this time.

we wanted to do a funny photo, but I didn't get the memo to scratch that...

PALO ALTO; 5/27--*
After much hibernation, I finally got to hangout! Steve drove Sonya, Helen & myself to Stanford Shopping Center & downtown Palo Alto. We hit up Satura, which has taken a spot as my favorite bakery & I got to enjoy a yummy strawberry-misu. Although we didn't do too much, it was just a nice, slow-paced day out with some friends :)

Sonya, Helen & I walking in downtown Palo Alto

That's basically what has happened from the last blog, haha! Very busy, but very memorable~

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  1. yay!!!! SUMMER IS HERE! Totally cute pic of you and vinh at the museum!!

    I've yet to go to a party with alcohol... haha I bet it was interesting!

    I'm laughing at you and vinh for walking around being the buzzed couple. ROFL!!! This summer it's so gonna be the 3 of us... shhhh don't tell haha

    It's sooo awesome that Vinh graduated!!! So proud of him and his accomplishments!!
    As I am of you for being the SOTA secretary!!!

    I'm glad the visit went well with Vinh and his Dad. I remember last time didn't go so well. :/ Thankfully things have lightened up and you got to enjoy his company.

    Man! I wanna go hangout at that shopping center!!! We need to win the jackpot at a slot machine while you're here so we can go crazy!
    In like a month we're gonna be partying it up!!!!! hahaha so funny that L will get here before you. *giggles* we'll be waiting at the airport for yas ;)
    and oh my gosh we are going to get to meet Gavin DEGRAW!!!! I still can't believe it! Our summer vac is turning out so perfect!!!!!