Thursday, June 18, 2009

Academy of Science

Every third Wednesday of the month, the California Academy of Science allows guests to come in free of admission. Yesterday was free admission day. Steve & I went to Safeway & McDonald's to buy lunch & breakfast before Vinh arrived at my place at 6:30am. We then went on our way to the Academy, which took only about a little over an hour [surprising since it was traffic time].

We parked next to a pond near the Academy to avoid going over parking time limits & traffic tickets. We waiting in line for 1.5 hours & we went in with the first wave of people! Steve & I veered left to get planetarium tickets while Vinh went right to get tickets to the 3D bug show. we basically went to the 3D bug show first since it started 15 minutes after the Academy opens.

In line for the 3D bug show with our passes

The 3D bug show glasses were pretty awesome, I think that they're the best ones I've ever put on, haha! The show was showing the bug's life, more specifically the praying mantis & catepillar, in the rainforest. It sucked that after making both those bugs the main characters, the praying mantis kills & eats the catepillar. I'm sure the kids weren't too thrilled about that & I wasn't either...

Don't mess with the climate

After the show, we went to the African Hall to see the penguins & it was feeding time. The penguins were so cute! Then we proceeded to go out back to take a breath of fresh air where we spotted some statues. Vinh got on the cat & I had a piggie ride on a pig. After taking photos with them, we headed downstairs  to the aquarium section for a bit. We got through about 75% of the aquarium before we had to rush to the planetarium for the show. The planetarium is the biggest one in the whole world, which I find unbelievable. The show was called "Fragile Planet" & it took us from the Academy past our Milky Way. It felt like we were flying through space, haha.

My favorite photo of the green roof

After the planetarium, we exited toward the top floor so I took a restroom break. We then proceeded to the rooftop to see the green roof filled with native Californian plants that do not need much water or sunlight to survive. Maybe I'll have a green roof one day, haha.

View of the rainforest from further up

After finishing with the rooftop, we got in line for the rainforest since the line was 30 minutes long. We ate our Safeway sandwiches while in line so we do not lose any time. When we finally got into the rainforest dome, it was so humid & hot that it reminded me of Hong Kong, yuck! There were four floors, which represented the four floors of the rainforest. There were butterflies, frogs, fishes & birds living within the dome itself. When we left the dome, we had to make sure we didn't take any butterflies with us. We then took the elevator down to the aquarium section that we did not finish & finished the rest of it up before heading to the giftshop & then to the car.

After we finished pedalboating

We arrived at the car, but saw people rowing boats & pedalboating in the pond & Vinh wanted to do it as well. We went to rent a pedalboat for $24 per hour & the men were the ones pedaling since my feet hurt from wearing my sandals. However, I got to steer the pedalboat around the boat while the men pedaled away! After tiring the men out, we decided to head home at 4:45pm after a super long day.

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  1. That looks super fun!!!!! I wanna go in the planetarium! haha the climate pic. ROFL Reminds me of us.
    I'm glad you got to tour the whole thing this time.
    yay for fun summer field trips!!!!