Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Annie's 22nd Birthday!

Annie officially turned 22! Just wanna say thanks to everyone who sent their birthday wishes & those that came out to celebrate with me!

I started out my day with lunch at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse since I figured we can just go somewhere for a cheap lunch. Charese got there before the rest of us got there so she saved a table for us Asians & our Asian timing *cough* It took forever for our waitress to take our orders, bring out our food & everything. We made a joke saying that she needed to take a break after each task, lol! Anyhoo, I got a free oreo pizookie for my birthday for dessert & it was delicious!

With my yummy oreo pizookie while everyone was singing!

After lunch, we headed to my house so Charese could leave her car there & we'd carpool to Filoli Estate. I heard the roses were in bloom so I had to go back & see. We first headed to the house since it was fairly easy to look at everything & whatnot. Vinh was the "flower inspector" since he went to smell every flower arrangement around the house to see if it was real, haha.

Sonya, Charese, me, Vinh, Steve in the Filoli garden

After we left the house, we proceeded to go through the gate closest to the house to enter the garden. As soon as I step through, this super mean old lady [tour guide for another group of Asians] comes out yelling at us! She's all "Aren't you all adults? You shouldn't be acting like children! I said not to go through that door!" We were all looking at each other like "WTH?!" & we told her that we're not part of her group & she's like "I know that, but you have to use this gate!" So we did & it was like 7 feet away from the other door & we were thinking how ridiculous she was being since it led to the exact same place 'cept 7 feet away, lol! We thought she was on menopause, but then she was too old, haha. Talk about cranky! We cracked jokes about her the rest of our stay at Filoli, lol!

Prom picture, haha!

After that not-so-pleasant encounter with that lady, we kept our distance behind her group so we wouldn't get yelled at again, haha. We took occasional breaks under the shade so we didn't get too dark from the sun. My favorite part of the garden this time were the blooming roses! Can you say gorgeous?! It's too bad I can't have my wedding here *sniff* Afterwards, we went back to my place & Charese went home & Sonya shortly after that.

For dinner, Vinh & Steve took me to Black Angus where I had a delicious filet mignon *drool* Talk about expensive dinner, haha. We went back to my place afterwards to watch Pineapple Express [yay Franco!] & while we were watching, it started to rain outside! It has never rained on my birthday so that was very interesting. That about sums up my birthday yesterday :)

Oh yea, on May 30th, I got to meet Martin Yan from Yan Can Cook! It was a great way to start the birthday festivities *giggle*

Martin Yan, my favorite chef back in the days!

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  1. hahahaha that mean old cranky lady! so funny! at least it gave you something funny to talk about for the rest of the day!
    Sounds like you had a super fun Bday!!!!
    Love you!!!!
    and HAPPY BDAY!!!