Sunday, June 14, 2009

Phelps & Lochte!

The 42nd Santa Clara International Invitational Swim Meet was held at the George F. Haines International Swim Center from June 11 to 14. Among those that were swimming there, Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte were among them! With the both of them being so close by again, I decided to go watch them swim, even if it was just the preliminaries.

Phelps after he finished his 200M backstroke

[JUNE 13] Steve & I went to see the preliminaries & we arrived a half hour early only to find the parking lot full. We decided to park in the neighborhood next to the pool. After we grabbed our seats in the third row of the center section, we waited for the swimmers to start competing. There was water dripping every once & a while on my left due to the random heavy rain before the event. Lochte appeared first while doing the 100M fly. I'm pretty sure he got first in his heat. Afterwards, Phelps appeared to do the 400M free, which he pretty much got first in his heat despite him not doing this event in years. After Phelps did his only event of the day, Lochte came out again to do the 200M backstroke, which he came in second in his heat. After the 200M backstroke, Steve & I decided to go home since there was no one else to watch & we were getting hungry.

Lochte freely swimming during breaktime

[JUNE 14] Vinh decided to join Steve & I to our second day at the meet. Again, we parked in the exact same spot even though we arrived early. We checked in & sat in the fourth row of the center section. Again, Lochte was the first to appear to do the 100M free. Immediately after Lochte finished, Phelps was up for the 100M free, which he finished first in his heat as expected. Phelps was behind but miraculously caught up with the lead person & got first! Phelps then appeared in the 100M backstroke, but he just barely lost first & claimed second instead. That was a very shocking loss for quite a few people, but it was also interesting at the same time, haha. Then Lochte appeared to do the 100M backstroke as well, which he came in second in his heat, like Phelps. There was a 10-minute break after Lochte swam & that was when the three of us left since there wasn't anyone left to watch.

It was my first time going to a swim meet & it was a very energetic atmosphere, even during the morning, haha. It was very nice to watch two Olympians swim right in front of my eyes. Although, I was not a fan of Phelps' "Fu Manchu" mustache at all. Otherwise, it was a pleasant experience :)

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  1. YAY!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad that you decided to go!! yummmmmm and you got to see Michael and Lochte!!!
    How amazing is that?!?! Awesome pics!!! Thanks for being my eyes there and soaking up all the wet gorgeousness even though Phelps looks totally weird now with the stach...
    Love how you went from June 13 to July 14. hahahahaha
    Love ya annie bananie!