Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gavin DeGraw Part Deux!

I haven't blogged in ages & I have good reason for it...I was in Oklahoma with my besties Paula & Louise! Anyhoo, more about our vacation together later, this blog is dedicated to the night of July 7th aka Collective Soul & Gavin DeGraw [mostly Gavin] concert day!!!

Paula, Louise & I arrived at the Spirit Bank Event Center [Tulsa, OK] hella early because David & Susi told us to leave early so we'd arrive on time. We ran through some pouring rain [just our luck] to get into the center. We had to bum around the lobby area until I finally got our VIP passes to go meet Gavin! We looked at the merchandise table & I bought a shirt for Vinh while waiting for Gavin's crew member to come get us. He separated the 12 VIP holders into a different room where we picked up our special edition poster, t-shirt & laminate. While we were all anxiously waiting for Gavin to come in, I saw spotted him in the hallway & squealed!

Me "tackling" Gavin as the other VIP gals claimed

Gavin finally walked in & everyone was in shock or something because no one said anything 'til he said "hello," haha! After that, he went around letting every gal introduce herself & gave each of us a hug. Needless to say, when he got to us, he was all "Hello ladies, hold me" & we're all thinking "Heck yea, I'll hold ya!" I got to introduce myself & hug Gavin & then I kept staying at how cute he was in person as he went along the line, lol! He said he liked our custom black tank tops [which says "Gavin DeGraw, We Belong Together"]!

Gavin & PAL, we belong together, baby!

After Gavin finished with all the introductions & such, he then went around to sign autographs & take photos with everyone. We presented him with the shirt we made him & he also liked the shirt we made him [kudos to designer me!]! Afterwards, I was the first of PAL to get my individual photo. I didn't wanna do the "stand by Gavin" pose so I decided to wrap my arms around his waist instead! The other older women in the VIP group were all like "Ooh, she's gonna tackle him. Better watch out," but I could care less since it was my experience & my photo. Besides, Gavin didn't seem to mind at all! Then Louise had her photo & Paula copied me before we had a group photo with him with our custom tank tops! He then proceeded to go to the other groups to do his thing while I poked fun at Paula for turning red, haha!

As we were getting pushed out of the room because Gavin had to prep for his performance, we bugged him into getting all the VIP gals for a big group photo, haha. Afterwards, we said goodbye to Gavin & giggled like fangirls to Paula's car to drop off our stuff so it doesn't get stolen while in the venue.

We arrived in time for one song performance by the opening act, Green River Ordinance. On the way to our front row seats, I tripped over this ramp thing, haha! I didn't fall flat on my face though since I caught myself. Must have been all the excitement from meeting Gavin & falling head over heels for him ;)

Collective Soul taking their final bow

Collective Soul came on after Green River Ordinance & they were rocking despite me only knowing one of their songs, haha! The lead singer kept looking at us & giving us a "why aren't you singing along?" look. We felt bad since we didn't know their songs, but what can you do, right? We were there for Gavin afterall :P

Gavin rockin' out :9

Gavin finally came out after Collective Soul was done performing, the performance the three of us have been waiting for during our first week in Oklahoma! He had all three of us screaming just from him getting on stage, haha! Although his performance was shorter than the one I went to in March, it was also more upbeat & entertaining. Gavin certainly is a great performer & entertainer! Did I also mention how goodlooking he was?! ;) But yes, I certainly had more fun this time since I was rockin' out to his music & dancing with my PAL gals [even in my killer heels on the ramp]!

Gotta love that smile ;)

He sang some of our favorites including: "In Love With A Girl," "Cop Stop," "Cheated On Me," "Chemical Party," & "I Don't Wanna Be." Right before the "Chemical Party" song, he was all "Me & my crew are gonna go party after the concert" & everyone was yelling "Where?! We'll join you!" Haha, drinking it up with Gavin sounds like a great night to me! Did I mention I was in the front row?! He was literally right in front of us for a good part of the performance & I didn't need any zoom to get sexy photos of him! Thank you GDG Fan Club & early tickets! His final song was obviously "I Don't Wanna Be" & it was definitely more exciting than the one in March because he actually got up on the piano, whoo!

With 3 members of Green River Ordinance

After walking out of the venue, we happened to get our photo taken with 3 members of Green River Ordinance. Then we drove back to Sonic to get a real late night dinner & went on a Gavin high for the rest of the night :)


  1. okay first off... OMG I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE WE MET GAVIN DEGRAW...TOGETHER...TACKLED HIM...HUGGED HIM...AND HAD FRONT ROW!!! ROFL You forgot to mention we had to run through pouring rain to get inside the spirit center
    *eyepoke* for telling all I turned red! You were the one jumping up and down squeeling at the door. -Then I could have died laughing all over again from remembering looking up and seeing you tripping over the stupid ramp thing. ahhhh all in all it was so perfect!!!!! Love him!!! (((HOLD ME))) *thud*

  2. I am EXTREMELY jealous of the first picture! I'd love to be in your place! Lucky, lucky, LUCKY!