Saturday, August 8, 2009

PAL '09 Part One!

I'm FINALLY going to blog about my trip to be with my two besties! Be warned, it'll be a forever long blog [& this is only the first of two weeks] so if you're ready, continue on!

July 1--
I said my goodbyes to Vinh as he helped me check in my luggage & I walked past the security point. I haven't flown since like 7th grade so I was very nervous, but I got to Dallas no problem. The problem was that I got stuck in Dallas for 2 hours because my other flight was delayed! When I got to Tulsa, it was near 11:30pm, haha! Paula & Louise were both at the luggage pick-up to meet me & it was the first time we were all together, yay! Afterwards, Paula drove us back to her house & she gave both of us our birthday presents [thank you bestie!]. We were all super tired from our flights that we got ready for bed after opening presents. I slept on the couch, which is also where the AC likes to attack me every few minutes trying to freeze me to death, haha!

July 2--
After getting up & ready, we headed over to Sweet Tooth where Paula bought our charm necklaces [scroll & crown]. We then went over to Paula's nanny's house to visit her nanny, mom & her brothers, George & Jonesie. Jonesie said that I was "his friend girl because [I had] pretty hair." Sonic was the next thing on our agenda since I had been waiting for ages to try one & Paula had to upgrade my cherry limeade to the Route 44, which was ginormous! After we finished eating at Sonic, we headed over to Susi's in Coweta & met the whole family! When Betsy came over to babysit the kids [KayLynne, McKenna & Isaac], David & Susi took us to downtown Tulsa to eat at McNellie's [pub] to eat dinner. I tried a raspberry beer, which was surprisingly really good! Afterwards, we headed to the Center of the Universe where you can hear your own voice echo back at you. Very creepy... We then proceeded to the Riverside Bridge, which is above the Arkansas River. The bridge seemed to last forever so we only walked halfway before heading back to the car. We went to THE biggest Walmart of my life in Glenpool afterwards, it was seriously ginormous! It had a friggin' waterfall in the front, lol!

2 peach beers & 1 raspberry beer @ McNellie's

July 3--
After getting up & having Subway for lunch, David drove us over to Centennial Park for our photoshoot. It was like 100F outside & we were taking photos with no one in the park, haha. We did 27 of the Asian poses [reference] & then David made us sit on hot rocks/concrete [butt burns, ouch!] for our individual shots. After frying under the burning sun, we headed back to Susi's to pack up before heading to the lakehouse. We stopped by in Checotah to buy stuff at the Walmart before finally arriving at the lakehouse. Susi made us pizza, which we ate at like 11pm, haha. We watched Ever After while eating our pizzas & drinking fuzzy navels. When David finally arrived at the lakehouse, we went outside to play with some sparklers at like 1am. Mine started to shoot/explode & I almost killed David, who was trying to take photos of all of us with our sparklers. After almost killing David, we got ready for bed around 3am.

Asian poses: call me, fight, punch in the face

July 4--
The most infamous July 4th ever! It all started with Squeeky [Susi's dog] staring at Louise 'til she woke up, lol! Anyhoo, Susi made us breakfast [pancakes, eggs & ham] before Betsy & Kevin arrived. Susi lit up sparklers in Betsy's birthday cake & basically caused a smoke hazard in the lakehouse cuz the sparklers burned the ribbons on top of the cake, haha! We then headed down to the dock while the kids were sleeping & just chilled for a bit. Afterwards, the girls went to shop in Eufala where I got a comfy pair of flip flops for like $1. We then headed back, where the guys bombarded us with water balloons, one of which hit the side of Susi's car doorframe & water flew onto me in the backseat! So then the girls decided to go make some water balloons of our own in the bathroom. I went out with one of 'em, but David smushed it in my hands & made me look like I peed in my pants! After Susi made more balloons, we all went out to attack the guys & I landed one on Kevin's mouth, haha! We then went inside to watch Elizabethtown while the guys were doing the BBQ outside. Shortly after dinner, a thunderstorm rolled in & knocked out our power so we sat in the dark with our glowsticks & candles. David still decided to go out in the pouring rain to set off our fireworks so we all headed out to watch. The power came back after 3 hours so we went in to finish watching Elizabethtown before Susi & David started going nuts! Here's just a bunch of inside jokes which most of you would not understand unless you ask me, so here goes: Susi escaped out of the looney bin, Susi saw Betsy's Superman panties, Betsy pulled Susi's toes, Susi pinched Paula's butt, Billie Jean was not MJ's lover, No jeans allowed upstairs, "it's cuz he wants to show his tallywacker," Susi cried orange tears & David got frisked by the cops! Ask me if you really wanna know, lol! After laughing 'til our sides hurt, we finally hit the sack at around 1:30am.

At the dock of the lake

July 5--
I woke up to Squeeky sleeping next to my feet on the couch, haha. After packing up, we headed over to CJ's Burgers for lunch. We got to tag our names in their eating area [tables, walls, etc], which was pretty neat! We went our separate ways with everyone else since we were heading up to Oklahoma City [OKC]. We drove along the old Route 66 & stopped at: a ranch gate that looked like the one from Flyboys, Prague, the historic round barn, Route 66 museum & Pop's. We checked in at the Courtyard Marriot in OKC & then walked over to Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill for dinner. Afterwards, we walked over to ride the Water Taxi, which floats along the Bricktown Canal. After our ride was over, we headed over to the Land Run statues where we took silly pictures including me riding a horse backwards & Louise humping a dog, lol! We then went back to ride the Water Taxi one more time before heading back to the hotel's bar for "sex on the beach."

B-PALS, get it? :D

July 6--
We woke up at 8:30am so that we could get ready & check out of the Marriot. We went to the OKC National Memorial first, which is where the OKC bombing took place. It was a very powerful memorial/exhibit, especially in the room where you can see photos of the 168 people that lost their lives that day :( After taking photos at the Survivor Tree, Reflection Pool & Field of Empty Chairs, we headed to IHOP for lunch. It was Paula & Louise's first time, my goodness! We then stopped by at the mall for a bit to shop, where I bought two cute tops from Body Central. Afterwards, we drove back to Paula's house to get ready for the Demi Lovato & David Archuleta concert! Paula did my makeup & curled my hair, thankies! We then headed to the BOK Center for the concert. As we headed in, we went to the merchandise table first to buy a program & a David laminate. We were in the 7th row, whoohoo! KSM was the opening act [they sang the song for "10 Things I Hate About You"], then David Archuleta came out! He looked under the weather & then we found out later that he was, but he was still amazing. Then Demi came out 20 minutes after David finished. We tried taking photos of her, but most of the time she kept making funny faces. When the concert was over, we stood in line to get the free KSM CD & to also meet & take photos with the girls! We then went to get Sonic for a very late dinner & headed back to Susi's to eat & get ready for bed.

David Archuleta & Demi Lovato

With the girls of KSM

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  1. Those two weeks were definitely some of the best in my life! I never laughed so hard in my life. I barely made it through reading the blog. I can't wait for next time!!!
    billie jean will stay forever embedded in our minds....