Sunday, August 16, 2009

PAL '09 Part Two!

Okay, I'm back for part two finally, haha! You have no idea how much has to be written, but here goes!

July 8--
After waking up, we decided to drop by Paula's to get some food to bring her mom & grandmother. Paula's grandmother gave each of us an Oklahoma centennial quarter & $20 to spend at the mall [thank you!]. We then headed to the Promenade Shopping Center for lunch & some shopping. I ended up buying a light blue shirt & gray shorts from Aeropostale & a pink dress from Deb. After our short shopping adventure, we headed to the Cherokee Casino Hotel & Resort in Catoosa & checked into our gorgeous & huge room! We then headed downstairs to eat dinner at the Wild Potato Buffet, which is alright. After dinner, we headed to the one cent slots to gamble a little bit, haha. I won Paula like $2.40! We then proceeded to this cool-looking bar & lounge in the casino to get some drinks. The bartender said not to order from their menu & asked us if we liked fruity drinks. We replied "yes" & then he just went to make us a drink, haha! He came back with our drinks & after drinking a sip, we asked him what it was called & he replied "pink panty droppers!" After finishing those drinks, we decided to get "sex on the beach" before heading back upstairs to take silly pictures before finally going to sleep. Too bad our walls were thin & the AC & fridge was loud so we didn't sleep all that great...

With the infamous "pink panty droppers" ;)

July 9--
After having a not-so-good night's sleep, we woke up around 10am so that we checked out by 11. We headed to Utica Square for some shopping & it was a more expensive area [think Stanford Shopping Center]. After Utica Square, we stopped by Borders where I found this hilarious book full of embarrassing photos at weddings & some were very inappropriate, haha! We then started to head to Sonic to get some lunch & headed back to Susi's to watch Annapolis & enjoy our lunch. Afterwards, we got some frozen dinners from Walmart for dinner & we finally watched Tristan & Isolde while eating our dinner! We then proceeded to look through Susi's old photo albums, which were pretty darn embarrassing, but quite hilarious to us! Afterwards, we had to look online to book our hotel room in St. Louis for our roadtrip & after much searching, we finally found one & booked it before heading to bed.

We heart Tristan & Isolde!

July 10--
We got up at 9 to load up the car for our 6-hour roadtrip to St. Louis, MO! We stopped halfway to eat lunch at Diary Queen & refuel the car. There were a lot of "adult" signs/billboards along the way, haha! We wanted to go to the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site so we headed to Illinois to go see it. We got there 15 minutes before the information center closed, but we quickly found out that the grounds were basically the biggest piles of prehistoric dirt! I also got attacked by a tree branch when arriving on the grounds, not cool at all. We climbed halfway up the prehistoric mound before heading back to St. Louis to check into our hotel, Drury Union Station. After lugging all our stuff to our room, we went to the lobby to get our free alcoholic beverages & snacks! We left our snacks in the hotel room while we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. We each bought a non-alcoholic drink so that we could get the glass that came with it. After dinner, we found parking & walked over to see the Arch. It was humungous! Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel to enjoy our snacks before sleeping.

Before we discovered the biggest prehistoric pile of dirt!

July 11--
We woke up close to 9 to go down to the lobby to get our free breakfast [gotta love our hotel]! Afterwards, we ran into the garage [cuz it was pouring rain] to get into the car to go to Forest Park. We visited the Art Museum & the Science Center, which were both free admission! I got all nerdy in the Art Museum since I finally got to see artists I've studied in humanities honors, haha! After leaving Forest Park, we decided we wanted to try the famous White Castle burgers, but we ended up on the east side of St. Louis [aka the ghetto area]. We ordered our burgers to go & quickly vacated the east side & back to our hotel room. We watched Miss Congeniality while eating our lunch. The burgers weren't that great to be honest... We then headed down to the lobby again to get our alcoholic beverage & snacks. After dropping off our snacks, we headed over to Maggie O'Brien's for dinner & then we walked around Union Station for a bit. We then went back to the hotel so that we could drive to City Museum, which is this big old playground. Paula & I went down an indoor & outdoor slide, but not the 7-story slide because we couldn't figure out how to get up there! We then headed back to the hotel & got ready for bed.

With our dino buddies @ the Science Center

July 12--
We woke up early again to get our free breakfast before checking out of the Drury. We drove to Branson, MO to go visit the Titanic! We saw a sign that flashed a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio in front of Titanic & it said "guess who's here today!" We got totally excited only to find out that it was a look-alike, bummer... The museum portion of it was fabulous though! I also found out that I didn't die on the Titanic because I was in first class! Poor Louise was the only one that died... Afterwards, we went to the Hollywood Wax Museum for fun & I "married" Jack Sparrow, haha! We then went to the Tanger Outlets where I bought my first designer purse from Coach for only $77, yayy! Afterwards, we were homebound, but the stupid GPS took us into Arkansas... Basically, it's a bunch of trees, bugs, grass, dirt & car washes. After finally reaching Oklahoma, we went to Walmart to buy frozen dinners to eat at Susi's before collapsing into bed because we were so tired.

We kicked King Kong's butt afterwards ;)

July 13--
After waking up, we made our soundtrack for our trip. We decided to go eat at IHOP for lunch & then we went on a search for the penguin statues. We only found the "Oklahoma Spirit" penguin. Afterwards, we headed to Paula's grandmother's house to visit everyone again before Louise left the next day. Paula's mom bought each of us a mirror keepsake box & gave us an assignment for the night: we had to write each other a note to put in our boxes, but we couldn't read them until we got back home. We then went to Walmart to print out photos for our scrapbooks [100+ photos for $18!]. I also ended up buying a cute green Eeyore shirt. For dinner, we ate at Chili's with their huge portions & sticky desserts, haha. Afterwards, we headed back to Susi's to work on our books & writing our messages for one another. Then we proceeded to post messages & "naughty" photos around Susi's house for them to find when they returned home, haha! Afterwards, we went out to the backyard to play with some sparklers & bubbles. Paula then made some red velvet cupcakes for us to eat before we headed to bed.

Playing with sparklers at night

July 14--
Woke up early so that all of us could have one more breakfast together at IHOP again. We then drove to the Tulsa Airport to drop off Louise's luggage & then headed to Paula's place for a bit before Louise finally departed for home :( Paula & I then went to her grandmother's house where we had pizza for lunch. Paula's mom then drove us all out to go find the princess penguin that we couldn't find, but it turned out that it was the tooth fairy penguin, haha! At least we now know it wasn't imaginary! Afterwards, Paula & I headed back to Susi's where we hoisted up David's leopard print boxers & Susi's pink bra up their flagpole for all to see, haha! Afterwards, we went to Olive Garden for dinner & then back to Walmart to buy posterboard for more mischievious messages for Susi's house. We finally called it a night after wrecking havoc in Susi's home.

Boxers & bra flying high, LOL!

July 15--
After waking up, Paula & I decided to go to a Thai restaurant for lunch before having to say goodbye at Tulsa Airport & heading back to California :(

That finally concludes my amazing trip to the midwest to be with my besties Paula & Louise :)

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  1. o where to begin, where to begin. We had one amazing, mischievous adventure in those 2 weeks. Seriously never laughed so hard in my life. I'll never forget our pink panty droppers and txting David from the bar and he's all WHAT?!! I love how I never responded. LOL It's so funny how we were always so late for dinner and tired that we ended up eating frozen dinners and sonic like every night.
    Highlight of week 2 was definitely prehistoric dirt day! OMG hahaha the tree branch hitting you in the head and spraying you with rain. hahaha dork!
    Love how you described Arkansas. ROFL all the bugs!! I still have yet to wash my car :( I probably have permanent paint damage now in the shape of bug carcasses.
    ROFL The flag pic is too perfect!!! Oooooo the havoc we caused. She finally took the poster down and painted....
    July 14/15 were the saddest days ever :(
    We couldn't have asked for a better or more fun trip. I can't imagine my life without you two!! The world just wouldn't be the same without PAL.
    I love you and miss you and look forward to our next adventures together!!!!!