Thursday, November 12, 2009

Michael Jackson's "This Is It"

This opened up back on October 28, 2009 & I missed opening day as well as watching it with Vinh before he went to New York for his workshop. I was about to not watch this movie altogether since it'd be boring watching by myself, but I couldn't resist because c'mon, it's Michael Jackson.

If Michael Jackson were still alive & his "This Is It" concert was to continue, it would've been the most AMAZING concert ever! I don't think anyone can top what he had in store for his London performances. This man can still bust a move better than I can & you can tell throughout the whole movie that he was very passionate about what he does, trying to get every little thing perfect for his fans & for himself. This film didn't show him as anything the papparazzi has portrayed him the last few decades with child molestation charges, bad fathering, etc. It showed that Michael was a gentle human being that didn't really have a childhood, but is doing his best for all his fans & ultimately, for himself.

My favorite songs would have to be "Smooth Criminal," "Thriller" & "Man in the Mirror." He has made new video clips using his new dancers to go along as he sang. Can we say brilliant & very entertaining? It's no wonder he's the king of pop! The only bummer was that I wished "Man in the Mirror" was long just because it's my favorite song.

Overall, this is a MUST see & since it's viewing is being extended 'til Thanksgiving, there's no excuse to not to! If you're a fan of his music, his videos, his style, whatever, go watch it :)

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