Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Reflection

It's that time again to say g'bye to 2009 & hello to 2010! Let's do the usual recap of this year before ringing in the new year!

~visiting Mission San Juan Bautista
~experienced an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting
~getting my OT logo chosen for SOTA's tote bag & mugs
~discovered Filoli Estate
~wheelchair mobility experience
~played Pokemon Platinum
~hiking at Point Lobos Reserve
~going to my first paid concert - Gavin DeGraw
~being a Dean's Scholar
~free admission day to museums on Mother's Day
~elected secretary of SOTA 2009-2010
~OT All-Stars party @ Garvey's
~Vinh's Graduation
~turning deuce deuce [22]
~met Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook
~watched Michael Phelps & Ryan Lochte swim
~Academy of Science & pedalboating
~amazing summer trip uniting PAL together!
~having the craziest July 4 ever [superman panties, Billie Jean, tallywacker]
~going to a David Archuleta/Demi Lovato concert
~going to a Collective Soul/Gavin DeGraw concert
~meeting Gavin DeGraw!
~meeting KSM & Green River Ordinance
~pink panty droppers & sex on the beach
~roadtrip to Missouri with a side stop in Illinois [big mounds of prehistoric dirt]
~visiting Titanic & getting lost in Arkansas
~hoisting Susi's bra & David's boxers onto their flagpole
~7-year anniversary!
~OTAC Conference
~SOTA Halloween Potluck
~making a resting hand splint
~seeing James Franco in the flesh!
~creating a positioning device
~practicum @ Charter School of Morgan Hill
~designed a logo for our class shirts
~SOTA's 1st Annual Holiday Party
~visiting Mystery Spot

~being tortured to death by semester 3!

~keeping up those grades of mine
~graduate with a Bachelors degree in OT
~graduate with cum laude honors
~go to the AOTA Conference in Orlando, FL
~travel more
~apply for a SOTA position
~join & be eligible for PTE [get a position possibly]
~go to the OTAC Conference in Pasadena
~have fun!

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