Saturday, December 19, 2009

James Franco, OT Projects, Etc.

My oh my have I totally not been blogging this semester! What can I say, hardest semester of the OT program, blame the craziness of it all. All the topics below are not in order because the semester has thoroughly messed up my time frames. Anyways, I have so much to blog about so this'll be like a novel. That's your warning to take a bathroom break or something inbetween, haha :)

After suffering our first set of midterms as well as just finishing a lab practical for neuro, SOTA held it's annual Halloween potluck afterwards. It was fun just hanging out not having to worry about class afterwards because we didn't have any [my section anyways]. I got to chat a bit with my mentee, Euri, as well as my mentor, Sandy. Of course, I was hanging with my fellow all-stars the majority of the time. Charlene dressed up as an emo sparkly vampire, which was hilarious cuz she totally sparkled in the sun, lol! I, on the otherhand, was a Pokemon trainer, but people had a hard time figuring it out without my Pikachu, which some assumed was saying bad words instead of "Pikachu" *cough* Guess my Pikachu was at a RLA IV, haha!

Me, Charlene, Grit & Meridith

On Halloween day, I dressed up as Nurse Joy from Pokemon. Kiyore was my "Chansey," but not really, haha. Vinh dressed up as a doctor to match my nurse one, hehe. We did our usual trick-or-treating at two Chipotle restaurants for 2 free burritos, yum! Afterwards, I don't quite recall what we did, but I did remember walking around the neighborhood as we usually did. One household actually did the "Thriller" dance every 10 minutes, which was pretty cool :)

Nurse Joy is getting her check-up ;)

After this experience, I do not think I'll be going into hand therapy, haha. It was fun though just to make your partner a custom resting hand splint and going through the process from start to finish. It's a pain in the butt though, I have to admit, but I totally loved how the one I made for Meridith came out, yay! Not too shabby for a first time!

Splint I made for Meridith & the one she made for me

Instead of studying for my peds test [I think], I dragged Vinh to Castro Street in SF [after he'd just flown home from Pennsylvania] so that I can see James Franco in the flesh. We totally got lost in the city, but we finally found our way, haha. We ate at this sushi restaurant that gigantic portions since we missed the first movie. We stood in line for the "Erased James Franco" film & we had third row seats on the right side of the stage. The movie itself was so confusing since I did not know that James was only supposed to act with 10% of his emotion instead of 100%. I never got the concept of modern art... Anyhoo, it was more like just pure eye candy because there wasn't much going on in the film. Afterwards, James Franco himself got on the stage along with the director of the film to answer some questions. I hadn't paid too much attention since I was snapping away with my camera & going gaga over how gorgeous he was in person! After James left the stage, I ran to the doors to buy myself a signed poster, whoohoo! Why pay $20 for an unsigned one when you can pay $5 more for a signed one ;)

The gorgeous James Franco in person! *drool*

Two days after drooling over James Franco, Meridith & I had to present our positioning device for Craig in our peds class. Meridith's husband, Devin, constructed most of the device being the engineer that he was, haha. It's baby blue & he had matching ribbons for his safety belts that'll hold him in the proper position so that he can use his hands to grab his toys to play with. There's also a little head control so that his head doesn't wobble all over the place. We only got dinged for our safety belts since it wasn't soft enough, haha.

Our positioning device for Craig

After 8 weeks of torturing us, Jonathan & I finally finished leading our 9 rambunctious 3rd to 5th grade boys in the area of teambuilding, social participation, appropriate behaviors in the classroom & techniques to help calm themselves when their alertness level is too high. Although they've caused both of us so much havoc during those 8 weeks, we'll still miss them. They were our first experience with clients even though neither of us wanted pediatrics, haha! As we went to CSMH to pick up our final evaluations from our CI, Nachelle, we ran into most of our original group of kids. One thought that we'd moved from the Wednesday group to lead the Friday group, but he was disappointed when we told him that we're done leading groups. It was bittersweet, I suppose, since we were looking forward to finishing, but the kids also left their mark in our lives as well. I am glad I had the privilege to work with these boys despite the bad CI-student communication & headaches :)

After much voting, planning & designing, our class shirts finally arrived [1 hour late] on December 7th. On December 8th, after our class finished our MMT & therapeutic exercise practicals, we all rushed into the room next door to take our class photo with our shirts! We're missing 3 people, but here's the majority of our class sporting the design that I created [back] as well as Grit's husband [front] with editing by me. We're your future occupational therapists, the OT All-Stars! :)

OT All-Stars, Class of 2011

After our very last day of class, Meridith & I headed to Vinh's place so that he could take us shopping for toys that we could donate to the toy drive at our 1st annual SOTA Holiday Party! We ended up going to Target since Daiso's collection of toys got swept up by Santa, haha. The party was held at BJ's & we had a great time despite the majority of the attendees being the class ahead of us. Great food, great company :)

Me, Vinh, Meridith & Devin @ the SOTA Holiday Party @ BJ's

That in a huge nutshell, was the semester after the OTAC Conference at the end of October. Now I'm free from this hellish semester & I'm enjoying doing nothing during this winter break :D

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  1. hold I must scroll back to the beginning so I can comment in order rofl

    I thought you looked totally cute as a pokemon trainer!!! I'm still laughing at the edwardian sparkle girl. You, Vinh, and Kiyore were super cute on Halloween :) Wish I could have been there to see the Thriller peeps! You sooo should have went back outside and videoed them! *eyepoke*
    James Franco = yummmmmmmm. How could I have missed this?
    At least one of the PAL girls got to frool over him in person.

    whoohooo for your tshirt design getting to be on the official class shirt!!! Turned out super cool especially the class photos.
    I'm glad your hellish semester is over and that I have you back again... that is if Nick and Cole don't keep stealing you away...
    *go make more icons*
    *psycho waves*
    love you!