Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February Already?!

Boy has 2010 flown by already! It's time to recap [as usual] the time since my last post!

Break wasn't super eventful, just little events & such throughout. Went to go watch the sunrise on New Year's Day, but we looked at the opposite direction, haha. Talk about being losers on the first day of the year! Then attended Glendy & Drew's 1-year anniversary wedding reception on the 2nd. Gotta love seeing my uncle & grandfather drink more than I do & myself getting slightly tipsy in the process of getting fat from all the food.

Wine @ Dynasty Restaurant

For the rest of winter break, I hung out with Sonya, going out for pearl drinks & watching the Madagascar Christmas dvd & just having fun.

Reindeer + penguin = love

On January 17th, Vinh & I went to hang out with Helen & Chris at Vallco to watch the Book of Eli. It was a pretty good movie with the action & themes [even though I'm not religious]. Afterwards, we headed to TGIF to get our free appetizers & desserts [up to $8 free with our ticket stubs] & my dessert was delicious! We chatted 'til near midnight at TGIF, but it was fun meeting Chris & seeing Helen again :)

Delicious piece of heaven ;)

A few minutes away from my mom's birthday, I had to call 911 so that my dad could be rushed to Stanford Hospital per his cardiologist's request. The dispatcher was super annoying cuz she kept asking questions that I did not know the answer to such as blood pressure & all that. Thankfully, the fire department arrived first to assist with the EMTs. Not the best way to start my mom's birthday.

First time calling 911...

School started just 2 days after the 911 call, but my dad came home after I arrived home from school. Started school off with OCTH 156 taught by Gigi, which is an independent living skills class where we apply what we've learned from previous semesters to situations & such to practice. After getting home, Vinh & I went with Michelle & Roger to Krispy Kreme for some donuts. After eating our fatty donuts, we walked around this pet store, where Roger just happened to step in poop, haha. Pretty sad :P

Charlene's drawing on my name tag & Krispy Kreme cards

My other class is my first graduate course, OCTH 202, which is taught by Koketsu, one of my favorite teachers! This class is all about professionalism & we were put into groups again, but my group rocks this time, OT Spice Girls, baby! This will be a fun class as well :D

A few hours before my grandma's 80th birthday dinner, my dad had to call 911 to head back to Stanford Hospital. Can you tell that I'll absolutely despise Stanford Hospital now?! Ugh! So basically I rushed home in time to see my dad get on the gurney to get into the ambulance. It was my job to take my sisters to my grandma's dinner, no matter how awkward it'd be to explain why my parents weren't there. The dinner went well overall after getting through the "where's your parents?" part.

Grandma's mango birthday cake

Gotta love lunar new year! We celebrated with a big dinner on February 13th to end the year! The new year started on Valentine's, which we didn't do much to celebrate in my family. I went over to Vinh's to celebrate lunch with his family on the 14th, hehe. Overall, I've gotten $360 this year in red pocket so thank you mommy, daddy, grandma, uncle, Vinh's grandma & mother!

Chinese new year's dinner

After eating new year's lunch with Vinh's family, we headed to Half Moon Bay since the weather was nice again. I finally flew my first kite, whoohoo! It was tons of fun & Half Moon Bay was gorgeous as usual. Afterwards, we drove home & had dinner at the Old Siam. Yummy Thai food before heading back to Vinh's to spend the night :)

Kisses on the beach

That's about it in a nutshell so hope you had fun reading yet another novel, lol!

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  1. I can still laugh at you guys watching the sunrise in the wrong direction :P

    I'm so glad that your dad is okay now. That was super scary!!! Especially happening on your mom's bday:( your poor mom I want give her a hug!

    I wanna celebrate lunar new year! umm hello redpocket. *giggle* just kidding Happy New Year btw :)

    Happy Vday as well! The beach looked like so much fun. I can't wait to see you flying a kite!

    Here's to a super fun rest of the year!!! *hugs*