Friday, April 16, 2010

I Skipped March!

Bad little ol' me, I skipped updating during the month of March! So here's yet another huge post coming your way, read at your discretion :)

This was the first year that I actually was into watching the winter olympics. My favorite events were the men's & women's singles freeskate figure skaging, men's freestyle snowboarding, and men's singles short skate! Evan Lysacek by far is my favorite winter olympian now! He was a graceful champ while Plushenko was a sore loser, haha. Apolo Ohno would rank second with all this heart stopping maneuvers to place in almost every event he had [minus the last one which he so did not deserve a DQ!]. After those two powerhouses, I also loved Shaun White, Mira Nagasu & Joannie Rochette. First time I was ever into the winter olympics & it was an amazing one :D

Evan Lysacek wins the men's singles freeskate gold medal, baby!

Our class decided to put on a bake sale to raise money for our graduation in 2011. Our theme was "OT All-Stars," which included blue, yellow, stars & OT. We had so many baked goodies that it was simply amazing that we sold out of everything before 3pm! Maybe that had something to do with high schoolers visiting SJSU & the fire alarm going off, hehe. Overall, we made over $300!

OT All-Stars Bake Sale #1

Purvi also did a henna sale by drawing henna tattoos for two days on campus & she made over $200 as well. I decided to get a little turtle henna after the SOTA meeting & it turned out sooo cute! Thanks Purvi :)

Fanny's ohm & my turtle henna tattoos by Purvi

Another fun & hilarious time that will forever been ingrained in my memory forever, haha. Meridith wanted to go to Golfland to do our community barriers assignment for OCTH 156 & I somehow agreed, lol. I ended up being the one in the wheelchair & I brought Steve along so that he could drive little ol' disabled me & my wheelchair to Golfland. Can't drive if I can't use my legs, y'know ;) Steve won the game even though it was his first time minigolfing & I came in second, haha! Meridith lost to beginner's luck & a person in a wheelchair. Anyhoo, the course was not very accessible at all with all the curb hopping I had to constantly do, but it was a fun experience getting a few heart attacks with the help of Steve & Meridith, lol!

Steve, me & Meridith after minigolfing

The long awaited release of the revamped Pokemon SoulSilver! Cna you say amazing?! Best Pokemon game I've played thus far. The graphics are amazing & there is so much more to do now than in the old Silver version. It also came with a Pokewalker, which you can send one of your Pokemon in to go on a walk with you to go find items & catch Pokemon. Great job Nintendo :)

Best Pokemon game thus far

I thought Filoli was gorgeous last year in early March, boy was I wrong. Near the end of March and early April, Filoli has so many different flowers blooming, including the famous daffodils and tulips. The garden was filled with different colors that it was definitely considered eye candy. It made me wanna frollick around the gardens & never leave because it was so gorgeous out! The weather was absolutely perfect, notice I'm in a tank top & capris in March!

Gorgeous flowers in bloom!

A few days later, I went with Vinh back to Filoli to experience the gorgeousness again before all the flowers sleep again 'til next year.

Daffodil field behind us

Didn't really do much except hibernating & being a lazy bum, haha! That & I was playing Pokemon like the geek I am :D

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  1. ooo How I loved watching the winter olympics!!! We had so many good olympians this time! Of course Evan being my fave as well O:)
    It was fun semi-watching them with you!!! Plushenko ahhhhahaha in yo face!

    ooo the bake sale!! I sooo want some cupcakes or brownies now!

    ahhh hahaha I remember you telling me about your adventure to glof land in the wheel chair lol!!!! Meredith lost at golf to you in a wheel chair rofl!!!
    She sounds like so much fun to hang out with!

    I've never played Pokemon before but it looks fun :)

    SO jealous of you getting to go to Filoli that has got to be one of the most gorgeous places ever. I can't wait to go take mega amounts of pictures there and dream of Nick coming around the corner *sigh*