Friday, April 16, 2010

OTAC Spring Fling & Disneyland!

I sure love to procrastinate on blogging these days, haha! Guess that has to do with being a lazy bum all semester :)

On April 9, we left San Jose around 10:30pm to drive all the way down to Anaheim in SoCal for OTAC's Spring Symposium. Thanks to Devin's super fast driving, we arrived at the Alamo Inn at around 3:30am. We checked in & fell asleep until like 10am when Meridith & I had to get ready for the lunch at Disneyland Paradise Pier Hotel where the spring fling was being held. We had this Mexican-styled salad, which was super yummy! Then we had this fruit tart where the shell was super hard, but also yummy nonetheless.

After lunch, we headed off to our two free student sessions. The first one was about dating and men with spinal cord injury and the second one was a panel with recent graduates and people that do hiring. Both were interesting in their own ways, but the second subject was more useful since we'll be graduating in a little over a year.

OT students reppin' for SJSU

After the spring fling was over, Meridith & I headed back to our hotel to meet up with the guys. We decided to go to Little Saigon to have dinner. We couldn't find the rice plate place that Vinh's coworker was raving about, but we ate at a little pho restaurant. Vinh said that the pho tasted like the ones he had in Vietnam so you could say I had authentic pho [that was also healthier, too]!

On April 11, before we headed home, we went to Disneyland for about 7.5 hours! We were right across the street, there was no way we'd miss going there, haha! We woke up at 7am to get into the park by 8am. The first thing we did [besides taking photos all over the place] was head to Sleeping Beauty's Castle since it was open. It was basically a small passageway that tells you the story of Sleeping Beauty as you go. Afterwards, we headed toAdventureland to the Indiana Jones ride. Still one of my favorites since I was like 4, hehe. Then we headed to New Orleans to the POTC & Haunted Mansion ride. We got some old man as our ghost on the Haunted Mansion ride, haha. After finishing the left side of Disneyland of rides we wanted to go on, we headed toward the right side toward Tomorrowland. The Buzz Lightyear ride was our next target & it has become one of my favorite rides as well because I pown at it, whoohoo! Look at the score below if you don't believe me, hehe.

Powning at the Buzz Lightyear ride :P

Afterwards, I got peer pressured onto going on Space Mountain, THE ride that made me afraid of rollercoasters in the first place. I guess I decided to go face my fears after almost 17 years, haha. The ride itself wasn't that horrifying since I didn't almost fall out of it this time around. The ending was literally blinding, but I admit it, I had fun on the stupid ride, haha.

I got peer pressured onto Space Mountain!

Since Michael Jackson is appearing everywhere nowadays, Disney has brought back Jackson's "Captain EO" & removed "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience." I must say, I was pretty amused by "Captain EO" with all it's corniness, haha! Good to hear & see MJ perform again :) We then headed to Fantasyland read quick to go on the It's a Small World ride. Talk about renovating it, there are now Disney characters scattered throughout the ride according to their culture, like Lilo & Stitch in Hawaii, Aladdin & Jasmine in Arabia, etc. Although, I was bummed that Mulan wasn't in the Asian part of the ride, boo! Then we went on the Roger Rabbit ride in Toon Town, which was super fun since you get to twist & turn your cab through the whole ride. I wanted a photo with Goofy before we left Toon Town since I haven't had a photo with Goofy yet & I made Vinh take a photo with me, haha.

Goofy is so friggin' tall :O

After finishing Toon Town, we headed back to the long-awaited Fantasyland, where we went on: Storybook Land Canal Boats, Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Pinocchio's Daring Journey & Peter Pan's Flight. We were also in line for Snow White's Scary Adventures, but the ride broke down so we decided to go get lunch instead of waiting for it to get fixed.

On the Alice in Wonderland ride :)

We then headed to Pixie Hollow to meet the fairies, which was probably Meridith's favorite part of the day since she's fairy-obsessed. It was too bad that it started sprinkling & getting cold because the fairies decided to put on their fairy coats. Tinkerbell wasn't as nice as the other fairy, which I found weird because she's the main fairy, y'know? Oh well.

Miss Tinkerbell herself!

Devin & Meridith wanted to get one more ride in before leaving so Vinh & I headed toward Main Street to do some shopping. We first stopped by the castle so I can finally get my castle shot, yay! Then we went into the stores, but couldn't find any Kiyores. I ended up buying an Eeyore charm anyways.

Finally got my castle photo :D

Vinh & I decided to chill around Main Street since Vinh was complaining that his legs were getting real sore. I had to go give Donald a hug before we left Disneyland though! Donald got a kiss from a sightseeing dog, it was too cute. We left Disneyland around 3:30pm, walked back to our car, got lost in the middle of nowhere, ate at a shady diner/gas station stop & finally got home at 11:30pm!

Donald was the sweetest thing :)

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  1. I'm glad your OTAC went good!!! It was nice you got to go with Meredith!!
    WHOOHOO about Disney Land!! Those rides looked so much fun!!! I'm glad you didn't almost fall out of Space Mountain this time rofl! and yay for MJ!
    You got super cute pics with the characters and I love the castle pic! SO romantic! :)
    Glad you had a great time!!
    Too bad Kiyore didn't get any siblings :(